Fashion Friday

A sneak peak of my new black and white collection

I am doing a trade show next week, it is quite different from a retail show.  It is for handmade/micro businesses.  There has been several articles about how trade shows and the big fashion week shows will soon need to rethink their concept.  Large shows  are extremely expensive, and so tends to represent huge corporate type business and most of the items are massed produced  in other countries.  It was quite disheartening trying a big show and the boys  and I are  setting a simple hand crafted booth next to a big company with a full construction crew putting up a mini department store.  In today’s economy I think the smaller shows will be much more important.  Online sources will be important, but I do feel that buyers do like to see products in person, especially for buying new work.  The BMAC and ACRE type shows seem much more important in this economy as well.  I think people are looking for unique items,  really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making items on a small scale, and can meet a speak with the people who are doing the work.  These shows are doing a good job of scaling down a bit and offering incentives to help artisans participate.

I titled this Fashion Friday, and I do feel this relates to discussions in the past about what we want to wear and making and wearing unique/creative fashions and sourcing products  made with more thought to social justice and environmental issues.  It is all about trying to find a balance for me, I use new and reclaimed materials and do some smaller trade shows to get meet the buyers and will be selling on line soon.

This is my last post for this blog everything will be on the new format Tuesday.


Creativity Community

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale today.  I was a beautiful first day of out Store closing/yard sale.  The weather was great, also nice to see many artist friends who stopped by.  A great time catching up and passing on some lovely art and supplies to new homes.  We have one more Day on Saturday.  Hope more friends and neighbors can stop by-I really hate to pack it all back up-many prices you can’t even get at the thrift stores.  We have new items as well as furniture and display things, art books, fabrics, etc.  Email me if your interested in something.

Eco Fashion Design

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Here is a great design company that I found (via Crust Station). They are eco friendly and very creative. They have great vintage flair with their clothing. It is just they way I try to run my business. Love the color on their web site

In my own textile business at this time in my life, I have started to focus more on home accessories and fabrics.  But I will always be drawn to fashion design and style.  I still make bags and small fashion accessories, and create the fashion for my own clothing to wear.  

More Finds

It is so great to find things.  Here are some other forgotton items I found while sorting boxes.  I found these tiles in the town where I grew up, in a junk shop.  I love the style, they are hand painted and labeled on the back.  The artist is
Robert Darr Wert, no date though.

tile108.jpgGreat colors

                                                     Even though these are labeled country, they have a retro modern sense to me.


House and Home

A corner of the little parlor like living room.

We have been trying to sell our house.  The market is so crazy right now, so it is taking a long time.  The house is in one of those typical subdivisions, with the four bedrooms 2 1/2 baths tradition style that everyone seems to want.   It is a nice home but since SA and the boys do a lot of the building and need real workshop this is not available in this location.  We also need to move closer to the studio in the final move.

The problem now as well as being a slow market is the fact of keeping a house in a perfect showing condition.  No one lives this way.  I just want to get my life back together.  I want to decorate and move things around and the boys want to cook, and it just makes me crazy.   Many things have been packed and taken to the studio and now we are always trying to remember what we need and where it is located.  I hope we find the right family for our house soon.

Dining room, the buffet is a little large for this room.
I am always drawn to big chunky pieces of furniture.
Everything is painted neutral, since we are moving, a little
boring for me.

This is a thrift-ed table that is so great.