Summer Styles

For many years I painted silk.  I read about the technique when it was just starting to become popular.  I had always love surface design so, with the limited resources at the time (before internet) taught myself how to do it.  It was a great learning process.  I still love working in that medium, but there came a time when I just couldn’t make any more scarves and need to make some products that could be more easily reproduced for my wholesale line.

I also love combining different fabrics for the texture it creates.  I am working on some new larger wraps, with ties and buttons, that can be worn in many different ways.  Here is one of the summer looks. Silk Dupioni and organza, with jersey knit ties-from re-purposed tee shirts.

What do you think?

I like how it can be made into a hood type wrap and how the extra ties drape all around when not in use.


Print and Other Media

It has been a long time since I bought a book or magazine.  I have a large collection and since online resources are so plentiful,  I did not feel like I needed to get any more resource materials.  It was also a problem with what was available, in design products especially.  All the new books for a while, were not that interesting, or were overly simplistic for my needs.   Recently I have noticed some new items out there and I may have give up some of my old collection and save up for a couple of new things.

This book “Decorate” looks lovely, I had a chance to see a copy at Anthropologie, and I have been a follower of Holly and Decor8 since the beginning.


I first read about Lotta Jansdotter in Selvedge Magazine several years ago.  She has many other books, some in Japanese, but I am always interested in studio spaces so “Open Spaces” looks intriguing.


And this last book is just me, texture, stitching, collage,  “Drawn to Stitch:  Line Drawing, and Mark Making in Textile Art.”

Texture in Clay

I am a pottery dreamer.   I love how many lovely things you can create out of such a primitive material.  I took one pottery class in college, it was not good.  It is not me, not my thing, I am a very creative person and use a variety of material but not clay.  Too messy, so many steps, big surprises when you open the kiln, I am not a potter.  But I am so drawn to it and the people who create the amazing work. Since I have been thinking about texture in my own work, the possibilities of adding texture to clay work seem endless. Still dreaming here.

These are works by a couple I met in Philadephia last year at an art show.  I hope to be showing some of their work at the Red Thread later this year. 

Ed and Kate Colman Pottery.


Quilting Texture

I have been working on adding more texture to my work. Folk art textiles are so beautiful and simple. They have been a part of my inspiration research recently. A favorite designer is London artist Janet Bolton. The texture from the stitching and little bits of fabric add so much to all of the finished quilts.

And she has a new book, “Janet Bolton Textile Pictures” available here.
Hand stitching and more applique are some new techniques I will be adding to my next collection.




The first day of another hectic week.
I am super busy right now with the Red Thread, meetings, classes, studio organizations and redesign. It is so hard to find time for creative work. I hope when the studio is finished, it will help with time as well as making it easier to find the time for creating.

I am looking foward to spring. The weather has been mild and I always get my hopes up that it will soon be here. But I know that it wiil be several more months before the buds start blooming and the air feels clear (even if the pollen soon follows).
It is an unusual style fest here with all these warm days. You can seen all the extremes, flip flops and shorts and tank tops, to sweaters and boots. I just can’t get into summer clothing for another few months yet.
I can work with new fabrics and colors though. Texture will still be a major part of my design, and I am still working on the new prints. We are also working out the details for the wood/fabric combinations pieces.
Here is a sneak peek at some new work coming the the shop soon.


Textures III

In keeping with my ongoing work in textures,  a lot of mixed fabrics are being used this week.  I am starting to plan a new line of fabrics items for the home.    Some clothing accessories will always be in the mix, but I would like to concentrate on using fabric elements in styling the home for family and life.  My interest right now involves using more the fiber/yarns and other elements to add “texture” to the fabrics, also the stitching and construction as design details not just for function.  Still concentrating on various types of fabric as the basis for the texture but always expanding and challenging myself.

Silks, linen and fiber, detail.


Beautuful Design

I happened on an interesting European (Sweden) designer.  It is so interesting and so different how people dress and style their homes.   The art of textiles still seem much more important there then it is in the United States.  The company is very Eco-friendly and I love all the color and texturesthat are used.  The clothing have a more ethnic and mature element. It is hard to see most designs in local store, always seem to follow each other with the same boring minimal trends. Gudrun Sjoden’s work it wonderful.


One of my goals for the new year is to be more true to my style, personality and self.  I always feel like I do not belong in this part of the world where I am currently living.  But since I am here for a little while longer, I am going to make the most of my life no matter where that my be.  It is great to be able to connect to others around the world now with the Internet and all.  So I will use that to my best ability, as well as build on my own beautiful  design company for myself and family.

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