Friday Fashion

It is so busy here for the beginning of summer, and no vacation in site.  I a preparing for the BMAC  wholesale show in Baltimore and that means many things.  Besides all the products(they have added a retail day) I have to always tweak my booth display and.. finding/creating something to wear.  That is the thing when you work in a fashion and home accessories, people always expect you to wear some of your own designs.  So I am in the middle of sewing new and remaking old items for my summer wardrobe.  I find summer the trickiest season for clothing.  It is really too hot to be covered but there are things that need to be covered.

Here sre some of my current inspirations.

The first two are from Ocelot clothing, had dyed naturals, in California.  Knits area always great for travel and I love the colors.

The cool casualness of linen in the summer works so well.  These are from Crea Concept a French designer.

I hope I can get some photos of my pieces as soon as they are done.   So many skirts so little time.  What do you find interesting with summer fashion this year?


Fashion and Style

It was a busy weekend for us here, we were out and about more than usual.   I had a chance to do a little window shopping.  I really wanted to find something to wear this summer.  This is the worst season for me to find interesting things to wear. It is so hard to shop in the stores available in my area.  They all have the same thing, and it seems like everyone shopping there wears the same thing.  I just really do not want to buy another tee shirt and carpi pants are  everywhere.  We do live in a casual/beach type area, and there are just no unique boutique type clothing shops, everything is a chain.   I really do not care what the latest “real housewife” or so called fashion star is wearing.   I never understood why someone would want to copy some and look like everyone else.   So I am working on a new pattern and withe my upcoming travel, I hope to find some independent designers.

What are you looking for this summer?

The photo below is from Belgium designer Dries Van Noten (a pretty big  name designer),  I just love all the color and casualness of this look.

Relax and revive

At the beginning of the year, we started offering yoga at the studio.  I have been practicing various forms over my lifetime but it has been a while since I have been a while. I remember a lovely children’s book of yoga using animal names that I used to do with the boys when they were young.  I started back in this time without really thinking about it and just jumped in, and I have now started to notice a real difference.  We have two different instructors and one of them is 60 years old and just great with the older beginners class.  Kathy is very intense and high energy but also great.  I do both classes and I love the refreshing feelings of the workouts and how it really helps with stress.
I am also thinking about some yoga design products.

The yoga advantage
These pointers From Prevention Magazine

Here’s how yoga helps anti-aging:  

Minimizes wrinklesYoga can reduce stress by nearly a third, reports a German study of 24 women. As a result, clenched jaws and furrowed brows relax, helping to smooth away wrinkles. Yoga may also rejuvenate skin’s glow by reducing oxidative stress, which breaks down skin’s elasticity. In an Indian study of 104 people, oxidative stress levels dropped by 9% after just 10 days of yoga.

 Slows weight gain During a 10-year University of Washington study of 15,500 men and women over age 45, those who didn’t do yoga gained up to 13.5 pounds. Those who practiced regularly lost up to 5 pounds.

Eases pain Yoga is twice as effective as stretching at relieving back pain, according to another University of Washington study that had 101 people with lower-back pain do either yoga or stretching once a week for 3 months.

Helps you sleep like a baby Levels of the brain’s natural nighttime sedative, melatonin, decrease with age, but another Indian study found that when 15 men, ages 25 to 35, practiced yoga daily for 3 months, their melatonin levels increased.

Keeps you sharp Researchers at Jefferson Medical College discovered that just one yoga class helps keep the stress hormone cortisol in line. Elevated amounts may contribute to age-related memory problems.


Eco Fashion Design

Originally uploaded by Oddy Knocky

Here is a great design company that I found (via Crust Station). They are eco friendly and very creative. They have great vintage flair with their clothing. It is just they way I try to run my business. Love the color on their web site

In my own textile business at this time in my life, I have started to focus more on home accessories and fabrics.  But I will always be drawn to fashion design and style.  I still make bags and small fashion accessories, and create the fashion for my own clothing to wear.  

Textures III

In keeping with my ongoing work in textures,  a lot of mixed fabrics are being used this week.  I am starting to plan a new line of fabrics items for the home.    Some clothing accessories will always be in the mix, but I would like to concentrate on using fabric elements in styling the home for family and life.  My interest right now involves using more the fiber/yarns and other elements to add “texture” to the fabrics, also the stitching and construction as design details not just for function.  Still concentrating on various types of fabric as the basis for the texture but always expanding and challenging myself.

Silks, linen and fiber, detail.