Fashion Friday

There has been a lot of fashion talk around here lately.  I have been working with the girls in my teen sewing workshop, they are learning a lot about sewing, for most this is the first complete garment they have made.  We are working on a fun tunic, with mixed fabric sections-it has an apron like feel.

Also this week there has been a great discussion of fashion over 50 with Julia Moulden and she has a new book “Ripe” about the topic.  So this has been at the other end of the spectrum from my teens.  But it all works for me.  I love working with the the students and talking about their style ideas and projects. I also think People of any age want to look good but also be comfortable.  But for me it also has to be creatively unique.  Even when I am 80 I will still be looking at and learning about  all the fashion and style out there, it is what I do.

Here are some items I made a while back.  Part of the silk painting I spoke about in my last post.




I have been interested in working projects in a type of series.  Creating pieces with a similar style, theme, shape, colors, etc. I am currently concentrating on textures.  I have always loved tone on tone colors with more of an emphasis on textures, within the type of material as well as the embellishments and the design itself.   I love the quilting of another great blogger, Jude, especially when it comes to texture.


This tote bag combines several elements.  Two types of fabric-smooth cotton, pebbled raw silk.  The fabrics are printed with textile inks and decorative stitching is also used.

Color on Fabric

I really love color, some colors more than others.  It is interesting that I notice in my design work, I tend to go in phases.  I do use a lot of neutrals.  I have not had a chance to paint (direct silk painting) in a while.  The process is so refreshing to me.  Drawing with the resist painting in each dye color similar to painting with watercolors.  The result is so different than screen printed fabrics.  My real goal is to combine painting, dyeing and printing in a style I have been working on.   I am currently working with silk organza, hopefully some new jacket results soon. 

This is a finished silk piece, the fabric just takes in the color and it is beautiful.