Summer Styles

For many years I painted silk.  I read about the technique when it was just starting to become popular.  I had always love surface design so, with the limited resources at the time (before internet) taught myself how to do it.  It was a great learning process.  I still love working in that medium, but there came a time when I just couldn’t make any more scarves and need to make some products that could be more easily reproduced for my wholesale line.

I also love combining different fabrics for the texture it creates.  I am working on some new larger wraps, with ties and buttons, that can be worn in many different ways.  Here is one of the summer looks. Silk Dupioni and organza, with jersey knit ties-from re-purposed tee shirts.

What do you think?

I like how it can be made into a hood type wrap and how the extra ties drape all around when not in use.



I am super busy working on a wholesale order this week.  I always get so many ideas at the last minute, it is some of my most creative time.  Doing wholesale has been a great help with the focus part of  my work and design.  I have things more planned and it helps me focus.   I did just move my studio to a new location in my home last week, so the focus is a little cluttered right now.  I will have new images of my studio soon.  This photo below is a little sample of my current collection.  I am combining screen printing, with applique and embroidery(hand and machine).  Also this client wanted all items with house/home themes.  I try to make each one a little different (since I use some reclaimed fabrics) it can be a challenge to make each piece of art unique but also work as a collection.   How do you stay creative, without being distracted?

Some Catch Up

I am finally getting to post, it can be a little tricky with tornadoes and all.  The print show opening was good, not quite what we had expected, but we were competing (we found out) with two other outdoor festivals and the first sunny Saturday in several weeks.   Thanks to all the artist and supporters who helped with this event.

On Monday our town (Suffolk, VA) was hit by several severe tornadoes in a few hours, we did not have any direct damage, but the whole town is really in shock and now recovery mode. Mother nature can really show her power.

I am still working on the new materials (printing)
and will have a major upgrade to my shop and blog coming over the next month. 

For now I am going to be clearing out a lot of my stock at the
Gallery to make room for
the great new items. 
I will be adding things all this week at great prices.



As you can see many different styles to choose from in this group.




Organization and Storage

Since my last post about organizing my studio, I have made real effort to find/collect together all my materials and supplies that are scattered in several different places.  Many things were packed and moved to the working studio from my home studio, and not marked or sorted. I am now going to have separate wet and dry areas, that should help with work flow. I am doing more planning than usual, lets hope it shows in productivity in the end of this process. I have been looking at different types of storage, I love the style of this
shelving unit that Holly of Decor8 posted. I think a combination of open and closed storage areas will work best. I get really cranky with a lot of clutter around.

My current goals with the new space:
-Sort and get rid of old things that do not work with my current design style. (Possible collage packs, de-stash).
-Store items that are used together in the same location, near its use area.
-Use coordinating storage containers, label/tag everything. (No matter how much we sort, the locations are hard to remember).

I have several types of containers around here, I like to use similar style for different items. It is really frustrating when you find a favorite and they are no longer available. I know it is a marketing game, but I usually have a budget and purchase a few at a time, by the time I need new containers, the design has completely changed no longer works with my originals.

It seems a lot of designers were organizing and setting up new studio earlier in the new year.  Anyone else have some new goals or ideas?  Studio photos are always good.

These are two storage units I thrifted, the vintage one on the right has been with me for a long time.




The first day of another hectic week.
I am super busy right now with the Red Thread, meetings, classes, studio organizations and redesign. It is so hard to find time for creative work. I hope when the studio is finished, it will help with time as well as making it easier to find the time for creating.

I am looking foward to spring. The weather has been mild and I always get my hopes up that it will soon be here. But I know that it wiil be several more months before the buds start blooming and the air feels clear (even if the pollen soon follows).
It is an unusual style fest here with all these warm days. You can seen all the extremes, flip flops and shorts and tank tops, to sweaters and boots. I just can’t get into summer clothing for another few months yet.
I can work with new fabrics and colors though. Texture will still be a major part of my design, and I am still working on the new prints. We are also working out the details for the wood/fabric combinations pieces.
Here is a sneak peek at some new work coming the the shop soon.


Studio Organization

 I have been so inspired by the Modish blog new feature “Handmade Space” the I am going back to work on my studio work area.  It has been months since I have had my whole studio set up in one location.  I am trying to get it back together, but it is so spread out it seems to be taking forever.  My goal is for the “wet” part of my workspace to be complete by February 12 and the remaining sewing and storage area complete by the end of the month.  We are hosting a reception on the 12th and the dying/painting area is always the most messy and it has been neglected for about six months.  It is  very visual from the gallery so I want it to be finished.

The sewing area is being relocated form my home workroom to the studio/gallery.  I will be much easier to work during the slow days at the gallery.  This is a peek of my old space in my house (the one currently for sale).


Textures II

Still staying with the thoughts of working with texture.  I usually work in silks, linen, cottons for my accessories. I found some great colors in fleece at a fabric store.  I have worked out a small line of more casual clothing pieces for this cold season.  Coming to the shop this week.

A detail with a printed bird, applique and stitching detail.


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