Summer Styles

For many years I painted silk.  I read about the technique when it was just starting to become popular.  I had always love surface design so, with the limited resources at the time (before internet) taught myself how to do it.  It was a great learning process.  I still love working in that medium, but there came a time when I just couldn’t make any more scarves and need to make some products that could be more easily reproduced for my wholesale line.

I also love combining different fabrics for the texture it creates.  I am working on some new larger wraps, with ties and buttons, that can be worn in many different ways.  Here is one of the summer looks. Silk Dupioni and organza, with jersey knit ties-from re-purposed tee shirts.

What do you think?

I like how it can be made into a hood type wrap and how the extra ties drape all around when not in use.


Motifs in Design-House

Here are some photo of a recent order I shopped.  The gallery only wanted “House Home” as the main design concept.  It is a motif that appears in my work often, so it was great fun  and a slight challenge to create so many different tiles but with a constant theme.


These tiles are made from reclaimed wood with printing and and painting details.

Also thanks to everyone who came out to see me and get some new things at the yard sale last week.  A busy week coming with another pillow order and getting the final preparations ready for my next in studio workshop days.

Earth Day

It is Earth Day for another year.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived everyday like “Earth Day.”  It is difficult to do, some have so much and some have so little, but it does seem to me that the ones with so little are doing more since they are not using so many resource.  So we who have more need to do our best to keep this beautiful planet flourishing for years to come.  Reusing and recreating old this into new is how I try to help.

Little houses of Reclaimed wood

And the Winners are-

It was really hard for our group of judges to decide, but we had some winners from the Project Runway show.  

First Place  A great piece by Sloane.


Second Place, by Lynne Sward an unbeliveable fiber and doll artist.

Third Place went to this great clothing especially this skirt, as well another one, by Diane Slade (Michigan).

It was so great to get several entries from out of the area.  The show is up until March 1.  You can see more photos on my flickr site.

Project Runway Show, Update

I will have some photos from the opening reception last Saturday.  We had some great art work and fun.  We are working on the photos.  The will be up soon.  Thanks to everyone.

Project Runway Style

The show opens this weekend, it should be great fun.

Project Runway Style Challenge comes to Suffolk.
“The Shirt Off Your Back”  a special exhibit
Art work created from recycled clothing and other materials.
Opening Reception at The Red Thread Studio,
153 W. Washington Street, Downtown Suffolk
Saturday February 2, 2008 2-4 pm.
Eight artisan from different art backgrounds have created an unique combination of new works using old clothing, wood, metal and machine parts.
As with the “Project Runway”  style event, there were many challenges to the designers, including learning new techniques, working with unfamiliar materials, finding supplies, and of course a limited amount of time to finish the work.
We are happy to have local as well as national entries in the show.  A collection of images from show will also be available to view on line at after the opening reception.