Summer Styles

For many years I painted silk.  I read about the technique when it was just starting to become popular.  I had always love surface design so, with the limited resources at the time (before internet) taught myself how to do it.  It was a great learning process.  I still love working in that medium, but there came a time when I just couldn’t make any more scarves and need to make some products that could be more easily reproduced for my wholesale line.

I also love combining different fabrics for the texture it creates.  I am working on some new larger wraps, with ties and buttons, that can be worn in many different ways.  Here is one of the summer looks. Silk Dupioni and organza, with jersey knit ties-from re-purposed tee shirts.

What do you think?

I like how it can be made into a hood type wrap and how the extra ties drape all around when not in use.


Bags and Tiles and Fiber Classes

Tiles and Hispter Bags Ready to Ship by Angelia*A
Tiles and Hispter Bags Ready to Ship, a photo by Angelia*A on Flickr.

It is really busy here right now, one more order to ship and teen sewing class to start Thursday. Tonight I am going to try to get out to the Suffolk Art League member show opening, at the Suffolk Art Gallery If you are local try to come out, always a great show with many local artst’s work to see.

Print and Other Media

It has been a long time since I bought a book or magazine.  I have a large collection and since online resources are so plentiful,  I did not feel like I needed to get any more resource materials.  It was also a problem with what was available, in design products especially.  All the new books for a while, were not that interesting, or were overly simplistic for my needs.   Recently I have noticed some new items out there and I may have give up some of my old collection and save up for a couple of new things.

This book “Decorate” looks lovely, I had a chance to see a copy at Anthropologie, and I have been a follower of Holly and Decor8 since the beginning.


I first read about Lotta Jansdotter in Selvedge Magazine several years ago.  She has many other books, some in Japanese, but I am always interested in studio spaces so “Open Spaces” looks intriguing.


And this last book is just me, texture, stitching, collage,  “Drawn to Stitch:  Line Drawing, and Mark Making in Textile Art.”

Textures III

In keeping with my ongoing work in textures,  a lot of mixed fabrics are being used this week.  I am starting to plan a new line of fabrics items for the home.    Some clothing accessories will always be in the mix, but I would like to concentrate on using fabric elements in styling the home for family and life.  My interest right now involves using more the fiber/yarns and other elements to add “texture” to the fabrics, also the stitching and construction as design details not just for function.  Still concentrating on various types of fabric as the basis for the texture but always expanding and challenging myself.

Silks, linen and fiber, detail.


Much work in progress

I have been working on several projects and it is getting a little crazy.  I have five deadlines in various areas of my life in the next two weeks.  As always with me, whenever the pressure is on the creative ideas start to come pouring out and I find myself trying to make a million things at once. 
I am in the process of changing my studio and work/planning time to help ease this last minute panic.  I really need to be able to spend more time in the studio and stream line some of my processes.  The trick for is going to start with, being able to put a collection together in stages-design/planning, material procurement, process and assemble.
So far I have just been making do and not taking charge of this part of my life in a more positive way. I need to make myself think as a designer in business and gain the confidence to really put myself out there.

Hand dyed and embellished wraps.
img0032.jpg img0069aa.jpg