Fashion Friday

There has been a lot of fashion talk around here lately.  I have been working with the girls in my teen sewing workshop, they are learning a lot about sewing, for most this is the first complete garment they have made.  We are working on a fun tunic, with mixed fabric sections-it has an apron like feel.

Also this week there has been a great discussion of fashion over 50 with Julia Moulden and she has a new book “Ripe” about the topic.  So this has been at the other end of the spectrum from my teens.  But it all works for me.  I love working with the the students and talking about their style ideas and projects. I also think People of any age want to look good but also be comfortable.  But for me it also has to be creatively unique.  Even when I am 80 I will still be looking at and learning about  all the fashion and style out there, it is what I do.

Here are some items I made a while back.  Part of the silk painting I spoke about in my last post.



Friday Fashion

It is so busy here for the beginning of summer, and no vacation in site.  I a preparing for the BMAC  wholesale show in Baltimore and that means many things.  Besides all the products(they have added a retail day) I have to always tweak my booth display and.. finding/creating something to wear.  That is the thing when you work in a fashion and home accessories, people always expect you to wear some of your own designs.  So I am in the middle of sewing new and remaking old items for my summer wardrobe.  I find summer the trickiest season for clothing.  It is really too hot to be covered but there are things that need to be covered.

Here sre some of my current inspirations.

The first two are from Ocelot clothing, had dyed naturals, in California.  Knits area always great for travel and I love the colors.

The cool casualness of linen in the summer works so well.  These are from Crea Concept a French designer.

I hope I can get some photos of my pieces as soon as they are done.   So many skirts so little time.  What do you find interesting with summer fashion this year?

Fashion Fabric Techniques

I work in many types of fabric dyeing and printing.   It is always amazing to see other artisans that are so skilled in their work.   Itajime: clamp-bound resist dyeing is something they have perfected.  I am currently working on some clothing for myself, also since I never seem to have summer garments that work with anything else in the closet.  This is a clothing style I love, the patterning and color is perfect and they use many “green” natural materials and techniques.
Ocelot Clothing, designer Angelina DeAntonis

Fabric Design

A lot of research has been going on but not much production, in my studio lately.  I am trying new techniques in printing, on fabric and wood and paper.  It feels like my work is being pulled in two directions.  For years I have been dyeing, and hand painting on fabric, it is time consuming and labor intense, but it is what I know.  Now I am at the point where things are taking off and I must go in a different direction if I am ever going to move this creative endeavor to the next level.  Stream lining my processes and having Z assist more in the creative process.   We are setting up the screen printing studio and I am working on new designs.  It so hard for me to move to a new area of printing, I guess change is hard-I have this perfectionist problem.  Does anyone else struggle with this type of thing?  Between process and production.

I have followed this designer for years, Kerr Grabowski.  She has a great process “Deconstructed Screen Printing” and her workshops look amazing, if she ever offers one close enough for me the participate.  Wonderful fabric surface techniques on her fabrics and garment construction.


Studio Organization

 I have been so inspired by the Modish blog new feature “Handmade Space” the I am going back to work on my studio work area.  It has been months since I have had my whole studio set up in one location.  I am trying to get it back together, but it is so spread out it seems to be taking forever.  My goal is for the “wet” part of my workspace to be complete by February 12 and the remaining sewing and storage area complete by the end of the month.  We are hosting a reception on the 12th and the dying/painting area is always the most messy and it has been neglected for about six months.  It is  very visual from the gallery so I want it to be finished.

The sewing area is being relocated form my home workroom to the studio/gallery.  I will be much easier to work during the slow days at the gallery.  This is a peek of my old space in my house (the one currently for sale).