Fashion Friday

A sneak peak of my new black and white collection

I am doing a trade show next week, it is quite different from a retail show.  It is for handmade/micro businesses.  There has been several articles about how trade shows and the big fashion week shows will soon need to rethink their concept.  Large shows  are extremely expensive, and so tends to represent huge corporate type business and most of the items are massed produced  in other countries.  It was quite disheartening trying a big show and the boys  and I are  setting a simple hand crafted booth next to a big company with a full construction crew putting up a mini department store.  In today’s economy I think the smaller shows will be much more important.  Online sources will be important, but I do feel that buyers do like to see products in person, especially for buying new work.  The BMAC and ACRE type shows seem much more important in this economy as well.  I think people are looking for unique items,  really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making items on a small scale, and can meet a speak with the people who are doing the work.  These shows are doing a good job of scaling down a bit and offering incentives to help artisans participate.

I titled this Fashion Friday, and I do feel this relates to discussions in the past about what we want to wear and making and wearing unique/creative fashions and sourcing products  made with more thought to social justice and environmental issues.  It is all about trying to find a balance for me, I use new and reclaimed materials and do some smaller trade shows to get meet the buyers and will be selling on line soon.

This is my last post for this blog everything will be on the new format Tuesday.


Friday Fashion

It is so busy here for the beginning of summer, and no vacation in site.  I a preparing for the BMAC  wholesale show in Baltimore and that means many things.  Besides all the products(they have added a retail day) I have to always tweak my booth display and.. finding/creating something to wear.  That is the thing when you work in a fashion and home accessories, people always expect you to wear some of your own designs.  So I am in the middle of sewing new and remaking old items for my summer wardrobe.  I find summer the trickiest season for clothing.  It is really too hot to be covered but there are things that need to be covered.

Here sre some of my current inspirations.

The first two are from Ocelot clothing, had dyed naturals, in California.  Knits area always great for travel and I love the colors.

The cool casualness of linen in the summer works so well.  These are from Crea Concept a French designer.

I hope I can get some photos of my pieces as soon as they are done.   So many skirts so little time.  What do you find interesting with summer fashion this year?

Fashion Fabric Techniques

I work in many types of fabric dyeing and printing.   It is always amazing to see other artisans that are so skilled in their work.   Itajime: clamp-bound resist dyeing is something they have perfected.  I am currently working on some clothing for myself, also since I never seem to have summer garments that work with anything else in the closet.  This is a clothing style I love, the patterning and color is perfect and they use many “green” natural materials and techniques.
Ocelot Clothing, designer Angelina DeAntonis

Fashion Personal Style

I have been thinking about my personal style in clothing. Every year as spring comes around I start to stare in the closet and push things around to try and find things to wear. I used to make clothing as part of my collections, but have moved on the more accessories and interior design items. Fashion always draws me back and I am commited to making some new items for my own use this season. Summer is the hardest time for dressing to me.  I hate going shopping in department stores, we have such a limited selection in this area and I have limied finances right now. Looking at eco fashion has been interesting, a lot of new designers with great styles.  It is Earth Day this week.
I found this great designer Lizzie Parker, I love her work.

Studio Organization III

As work continues on my new studio, it is so interesting to look through boxes of fabric, papers, trims and a whole collection of all my design years.  I came across a folder with clothing designs from several years.  As you can see they were in a fire that happened in my small garage art room I had before.  I can remember sitting in my car waiting for my boys in a class, and doing these rough sketches.  Some of the pieces were created, but not all.  Most were for my personal use.


Project Runway Style

The show opens this weekend, it should be great fun.

Project Runway Style Challenge comes to Suffolk.
“The Shirt Off Your Back”  a special exhibit
Art work created from recycled clothing and other materials.
Opening Reception at The Red Thread Studio,
153 W. Washington Street, Downtown Suffolk
Saturday February 2, 2008 2-4 pm.
Eight artisan from different art backgrounds have created an unique combination of new works using old clothing, wood, metal and machine parts.
As with the “Project Runway”  style event, there were many challenges to the designers, including learning new techniques, working with unfamiliar materials, finding supplies, and of course a limited amount of time to finish the work.
We are happy to have local as well as national entries in the show.  A collection of images from show will also be available to view on line at after the opening reception.

Beautuful Design

I happened on an interesting European (Sweden) designer.  It is so interesting and so different how people dress and style their homes.   The art of textiles still seem much more important there then it is in the United States.  The company is very Eco-friendly and I love all the color and texturesthat are used.  The clothing have a more ethnic and mature element. It is hard to see most designs in local store, always seem to follow each other with the same boring minimal trends. Gudrun Sjoden’s work it wonderful.


One of my goals for the new year is to be more true to my style, personality and self.  I always feel like I do not belong in this part of the world where I am currently living.  But since I am here for a little while longer, I am going to make the most of my life no matter where that my be.  It is great to be able to connect to others around the world now with the Internet and all.  So I will use that to my best ability, as well as build on my own beautiful  design company for myself and family.

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