Summer Styles

For many years I painted silk.  I read about the technique when it was just starting to become popular.  I had always love surface design so, with the limited resources at the time (before internet) taught myself how to do it.  It was a great learning process.  I still love working in that medium, but there came a time when I just couldn’t make any more scarves and need to make some products that could be more easily reproduced for my wholesale line.

I also love combining different fabrics for the texture it creates.  I am working on some new larger wraps, with ties and buttons, that can be worn in many different ways.  Here is one of the summer looks. Silk Dupioni and organza, with jersey knit ties-from re-purposed tee shirts.

What do you think?

I like how it can be made into a hood type wrap and how the extra ties drape all around when not in use.


The Red Thread Print Show


Our local arts group is having the spring show in April based around the theme
Beyond Reading Books as Art”  this is a multi-venue show that brings in a lot of regional people to town.  It is so important for us since we are in a redevelopment area and regular foot traffic is very sporadic.
The Gallery’s part of the show this time is “The Art of Print Making.” I have invited several, new to the area, artists and it is so great to have such a positive response, for participation.  I will have more as we get closer the the event.
I want to also thanks Leanne for her lovely blog post.

tutorial-082.jpgPrinted Fabric

Shop Update

I will be updating my shop starting tomorrow (Happy Thanksgiving) and through out the weekend.  I have new bags small pouches and large totes as well and my new style neck wraps.  A lot of color and texture to come.