Eco Fashion Design

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Here is a great design company that I found (via Crust Station). They are eco friendly and very creative. They have great vintage flair with their clothing. It is just they way I try to run my business. Love the color on their web site

In my own textile business at this time in my life, I have started to focus more on home accessories and fabrics.  But I will always be drawn to fashion design and style.  I still make bags and small fashion accessories, and create the fashion for my own clothing to wear.  


More Finds

It is so great to find things.  Here are some other forgotton items I found while sorting boxes.  I found these tiles in the town where I grew up, in a junk shop.  I love the style, they are hand painted and labeled on the back.  The artist is
Robert Darr Wert, no date though.

tile108.jpgGreat colors

                                                     Even though these are labeled country, they have a retro modern sense to me.


Organization and Storage

Since my last post about organizing my studio, I have made real effort to find/collect together all my materials and supplies that are scattered in several different places.  Many things were packed and moved to the working studio from my home studio, and not marked or sorted. I am now going to have separate wet and dry areas, that should help with work flow. I am doing more planning than usual, lets hope it shows in productivity in the end of this process. I have been looking at different types of storage, I love the style of this
shelving unit that Holly of Decor8 posted. I think a combination of open and closed storage areas will work best. I get really cranky with a lot of clutter around.

My current goals with the new space:
-Sort and get rid of old things that do not work with my current design style. (Possible collage packs, de-stash).
-Store items that are used together in the same location, near its use area.
-Use coordinating storage containers, label/tag everything. (No matter how much we sort, the locations are hard to remember).

I have several types of containers around here, I like to use similar style for different items. It is really frustrating when you find a favorite and they are no longer available. I know it is a marketing game, but I usually have a budget and purchase a few at a time, by the time I need new containers, the design has completely changed no longer works with my originals.

It seems a lot of designers were organizing and setting up new studio earlier in the new year.  Anyone else have some new goals or ideas?  Studio photos are always good.

These are two storage units I thrifted, the vintage one on the right has been with me for a long time.

Collage Inspiration


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I am so happy to have one of my mood boards included in a new zine over at Design for Mankind, a lovely design blog. It is all about insiration-we all can use more. I so apprectiate being included with this amazing group of designers. Thanks to Erin for inviting me.

Project Runway Style

The show opens this weekend, it should be great fun.

Project Runway Style Challenge comes to Suffolk.
“The Shirt Off Your Back”  a special exhibit
Art work created from recycled clothing and other materials.
Opening Reception at The Red Thread Studio,
153 W. Washington Street, Downtown Suffolk
Saturday February 2, 2008 2-4 pm.
Eight artisan from different art backgrounds have created an unique combination of new works using old clothing, wood, metal and machine parts.
As with the “Project Runway”  style event, there were many challenges to the designers, including learning new techniques, working with unfamiliar materials, finding supplies, and of course a limited amount of time to finish the work.
We are happy to have local as well as national entries in the show.  A collection of images from show will also be available to view on line at after the opening reception.

House and Home

A corner of the little parlor like living room.

We have been trying to sell our house.  The market is so crazy right now, so it is taking a long time.  The house is in one of those typical subdivisions, with the four bedrooms 2 1/2 baths tradition style that everyone seems to want.   It is a nice home but since SA and the boys do a lot of the building and need real workshop this is not available in this location.  We also need to move closer to the studio in the final move.

The problem now as well as being a slow market is the fact of keeping a house in a perfect showing condition.  No one lives this way.  I just want to get my life back together.  I want to decorate and move things around and the boys want to cook, and it just makes me crazy.   Many things have been packed and taken to the studio and now we are always trying to remember what we need and where it is located.  I hope we find the right family for our house soon.

Dining room, the buffet is a little large for this room.
I am always drawn to big chunky pieces of furniture.
Everything is painted neutral, since we are moving, a little
boring for me.

This is a thrift-ed table that is so great.

Textures II

Still staying with the thoughts of working with texture.  I usually work in silks, linen, cottons for my accessories. I found some great colors in fleece at a fabric store.  I have worked out a small line of more casual clothing pieces for this cold season.  Coming to the shop this week.

A detail with a printed bird, applique and stitching detail.


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