Friday Fashion

It is so busy here for the beginning of summer, and no vacation in site.  I a preparing for the BMAC  wholesale show in Baltimore and that means many things.  Besides all the products(they have added a retail day) I have to always tweak my booth display and.. finding/creating something to wear.  That is the thing when you work in a fashion and home accessories, people always expect you to wear some of your own designs.  So I am in the middle of sewing new and remaking old items for my summer wardrobe.  I find summer the trickiest season for clothing.  It is really too hot to be covered but there are things that need to be covered.

Here sre some of my current inspirations.

The first two are from Ocelot clothing, had dyed naturals, in California.  Knits area always great for travel and I love the colors.

The cool casualness of linen in the summer works so well.  These are from Crea Concept a French designer.

I hope I can get some photos of my pieces as soon as they are done.   So many skirts so little time.  What do you find interesting with summer fashion this year?


Creativity Community

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale today.  I was a beautiful first day of out Store closing/yard sale.  The weather was great, also nice to see many artist friends who stopped by.  A great time catching up and passing on some lovely art and supplies to new homes.  We have one more Day on Saturday.  Hope more friends and neighbors can stop by-I really hate to pack it all back up-many prices you can’t even get at the thrift stores.  We have new items as well as furniture and display things, art books, fabrics, etc.  Email me if your interested in something.

Unpacking Sorting Organizing

Since closing my retail shop so quickly, I have been storing many boxes of things.  It is almost like having another household.   Art supplies, fabric, furniture, new clothing, pottery and decorative objects,  plus display and office materials all fill two storage units as well as our garage.    So for the last few week the boys and I have been unpacking, sorting and labeling a hundreds of items and next weekend will be a huge yard sale.  It is hard to go through all this again, but it is finally time to put the past behind and start fresh.  My creative work has been moving forward, but all this clutter feels like I am still a little  stuck in the past.   May 20 and 21 is the sale date, if you live near and want to come or more information please email me.  A lot of great items for sale.  Will be posting some items online so check them out here  or contact me.


I am super busy working on a wholesale order this week.  I always get so many ideas at the last minute, it is some of my most creative time.  Doing wholesale has been a great help with the focus part of  my work and design.  I have things more planned and it helps me focus.   I did just move my studio to a new location in my home last week, so the focus is a little cluttered right now.  I will have new images of my studio soon.  This photo below is a little sample of my current collection.  I am combining screen printing, with applique and embroidery(hand and machine).  Also this client wanted all items with house/home themes.  I try to make each one a little different (since I use some reclaimed fabrics) it can be a challenge to make each piece of art unique but also work as a collection.   How do you stay creative, without being distracted?

Earth Day

It is Earth Day for another year.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all lived everyday like “Earth Day.”  It is difficult to do, some have so much and some have so little, but it does seem to me that the ones with so little are doing more since they are not using so many resource.  So we who have more need to do our best to keep this beautiful planet flourishing for years to come.  Reusing and recreating old this into new is how I try to help.

Little houses of Reclaimed wood

So Much Fabric

Since, I am back to creating my own fabrics again, I need more space and have so much fabric that I no longer need. My boys are older and I do not make children’s items and as with life in general we grow and change in our styles so much of my older fabrics and supplies I we probably never use. So, I have set up a destash shop at Etsy. Please check it out often, as I will add things as I sort and finish my new studio. I have even included an idea sheet for all those small little bits that are too lovely to throw away.

Design Letting Go

I am in the process of updating this blog and it is interesting to rethink what I want it to be and do. It has a lot to do with the new products I have been designing. I am incorporating my team (the Boys at home) to add some small furniture pieces as well as remaking old furniture. We have been collecting old “junk” pieces and over hauling them for our home and the studio display. I love this idea of using old design and putting my touch with our fabrics and other details. It interesting letting go of more parts of the work since, I have always done a lot of the work myself. But in order to grow this into a family business it has to be done.
This is an antique fireplace screen, I think it originally have some kind of old lace fabric that was destoyed by the time I got it.

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