Quilting Texture

I have been working on adding more texture to my work. Folk art textiles are so beautiful and simple. They have been a part of my inspiration research recently. A favorite designer is London artist Janet Bolton. The texture from the stitching and little bits of fabric add so much to all of the finished quilts.

And she has a new book, “Janet Bolton Textile Pictures” available here.
Hand stitching and more applique are some new techniques I will be adding to my next collection.


Deadlines and New Designs

This new year has taken off quickly here.  I had planned several things for the usually slow winter months. Now, there seems to be a lot going on and deadlines are coming fast.  I signed up for a new catalog someone is doing on Etsy.  The time line changed and now I am working like crazy to get everything made, styled and photographed.  The plus is it really made me focus on my collections and stay with the design concept and I am really pleased with the outcome.  I will have the new items in the shop soon, and it have gave me that creative boost that seemed to be lacking during the Holiday time.  The down side is I am planning a lot of interesting things for the gallery and those deadlines are coming with still more work to go.
This increase in activity has helped with my goals for the year. I want to increase my marketing and focus on a group of designs that I will build into a wholesale product line.
I hope to keep everything updated here as I go along. I am also in the process of a new design for this blog space, it may cahnge more each day while I work out the kinks.  Thanks, for the support.

Sketches and printing samples.


Shop Update

I will be updating my shop starting tomorrow (Happy Thanksgiving) and through out the weekend.  I have new bags small pouches and large totes as well and my new style neck wraps.  A lot of color and texture to come.





I have been interested in working projects in a type of series.  Creating pieces with a similar style, theme, shape, colors, etc. I am currently concentrating on textures.  I have always loved tone on tone colors with more of an emphasis on textures, within the type of material as well as the embellishments and the design itself.   I love the quilting of another great blogger, Jude, especially when it comes to texture.


This tote bag combines several elements.  Two types of fabric-smooth cotton, pebbled raw silk.  The fabrics are printed with textile inks and decorative stitching is also used.

Design Inspire

The creative spirit has really hit me in a great way.  Usually after a busy show and sale time like I have just went through, I go into a slump and feel no interest in working on anything.  It is different this time,  I have so many design ideas pouring out.  I am working on a new studio work space and there seems to be a lot o positive energy coming from a new group of people as well as dear friends.  It feels so good going into the holiday season.  Here is a little sample of new designs coming soon.

I have used new and recycled clothing in the new collection. I have also been working on some new stitching, pleating and free-form quilting techniques. I also like the tone on tone of the rich jewel colors.  I love all greens.

Much work in progress

I have been working on several projects and it is getting a little crazy.  I have five deadlines in various areas of my life in the next two weeks.  As always with me, whenever the pressure is on the creative ideas start to come pouring out and I find myself trying to make a million things at once. 
I am in the process of changing my studio and work/planning time to help ease this last minute panic.  I really need to be able to spend more time in the studio and stream line some of my processes.  The trick for is going to start with, being able to put a collection together in stages-design/planning, material procurement, process and assemble.
So far I have just been making do and not taking charge of this part of my life in a more positive way. I need to make myself think as a designer in business and gain the confidence to really put myself out there.

Hand dyed and embellished wraps.
img0032.jpg img0069aa.jpg

Creating and Design

It is still a challenge for me to be true to my creative style and not just try to make things to sell.  I think that has been part of my problem with finding my creative self over these last months with all the activities of business and home life always lingering in the back of my mind.   I feel a little more on track now, and have many ideas out in the open after much organizing and sketching and doing nothing for a while.  Now I just need to get the rest of my work studio set up so the actual ideas can come together. Here is an inspiration piece for this season and coming soon to the Etsy shop.  Thanks to everyone for the ideas and encouragement.

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