Print and Other Media

It has been a long time since I bought a book or magazine.  I have a large collection and since online resources are so plentiful,  I did not feel like I needed to get any more resource materials.  It was also a problem with what was available, in design products especially.  All the new books for a while, were not that interesting, or were overly simplistic for my needs.   Recently I have noticed some new items out there and I may have give up some of my old collection and save up for a couple of new things.

This book “Decorate” looks lovely, I had a chance to see a copy at Anthropologie, and I have been a follower of Holly and Decor8 since the beginning.


I first read about Lotta Jansdotter in Selvedge Magazine several years ago.  She has many other books, some in Japanese, but I am always interested in studio spaces so “Open Spaces” looks intriguing.


And this last book is just me, texture, stitching, collage,  “Drawn to Stitch:  Line Drawing, and Mark Making in Textile Art.”


Paris Artist


I have never been to Paris, but always wanted to go.  I guess it is my interest in fashion and architecture.  Whenever I find photos or images of the city it just seems so beautiful and inspiring.  I read about the artist Nathalie Lete in American Craft magazine, and found her web location with her wonderful art work plus great photos of her studio.  Take a look and enjoy.



Thanks again for the comments, I am having a computer glitch and cannot get my email thanks to your comments to go out.



Studio Organization


I am still in working on my new studio. I have so much going on right now, and the boys have been sick ,so I am a little behind.
This photo has such a great look, it inspires me to get back to the layout and making a new place for my creative work.  Lately it seems the “business” part has been using a lot of time. I hope my space will be finished soon, I have so many ideas in my head.
As I have been going through my stash of fabrics, yarns, notions and such, I have made decided to open and new Etsy shop for my supplies. My style has changed a lot over the years, and I have collected a lot from friends and others that I know I will never use. It is just going to be ruined, so I will have an announcement up soon with the new set up and all kinds of interesting supplies for everyone to create some wonderful things.



I just received my copy of Marie Claire Idees. It is in French and I can not read much but the visuals are so good it is all you need. When I see things like this photo, I so wish I were a better knitter. I can do a knit and pearl stitch in straight rows, that is about it.
I love this bag, the color, the shape, the design. It is inspirted by simple vegetables, even better.
Even more plant inspiration on the other pages.