Teen Summer Workshops

Ready for the summer events here.  The new studio is set up downstairs and I have the summer schedule for classes and workshops is up.  First will be the Teen Thursday Workshops, below is the announcement.  It is going to get busy around here, but I seem to thrive on activity, without plans I tend to mop around and feel lost.  Space is limited, so sign up soon.

Teen Sewing Workshops

I am now offering classes in my home studio.

Maximum 6 Students 

3 Thursday in June

June 16, 23, 30


3 Thursdays in August

August 11, 18, 25


This summer the classes will be a variety of sewing and fabric activities to help learn how to use the sewing machine better;  cutting out patterns, setting in a zipper, appliqué, quilting, embroidery, and dying/printing fabric ideas will be included.

Classes include all fabric, and patterns for all the projects, and a snack lunch.

Please Bring:

-Sewing Machine (please let me know if you do not have one)

-Any special sewing fabric or notions that you like to use

-Any projects you are working on and/or need help with

Cost: $60 per class

Students do not have to take all classes, but each one will have a special feature.



Monday Design

It is going to be another busy week.  I wanted to get these shot of Z’s collage out there.  He did a great job with the compositon and all.  I think he has a real creative spirit.  A big thanks to Jeannine for letting him in on her class and giving him some encouragement.  We have been home schooling for the last 7 years, but it is always good to have different experiences with art instruction and inspiration.  Now is the time when we start to see what our children are going to be doing in the future.   

I want to work on a wholesale line of my products and I am going to need his skills to help with the production.  It is exciting to get all the family involved.  The challange is to get all the details and schedules worked out and start to weed out some of the extra things we do in our lives that are not longer needed or important. 


A Birthday

It is Z’s birthday. He is 18. It is amazing to see you son as a young adult.  By all measure he is supposed to be an adult, but I just see my sweet shy, boy going from fun to serious and trying to make is way in this crazy world.  We are becoming closer as we seem to be drawn apart, it is hard.  I just hope that he continues his life as an strong, caring, creative adult.  Happy birthday Z.  Have fun.

This is a old photo, but one of my favorites.


Teaching Design

It was the first day back to teaching this week.  I teach two classes at a private school. Most of our students are home schooled, but we do have several public school students that take some of our art and music classes.  My morning class has all middle school girls and we are doing design in interiors and some fashion.  It is so interesting to see how they approach the lessons and projects.  We draw, sew, card weave and others activities.  You can really tell how much better the students learn from this hands on approach.

The second class in mostly boys with two girls, they are louder and more energetic.  It is a more technical building type program.  Today we started a study in aeronautics and made some unusual paper airplanes.  The class was such a great success, from such a simple free-form project.  All in all a nice start to this semester.


New design are still in the works.  I just finished a mini collection for Artisan Impact Catalog.  It was so exciting to finish a group in a similar theme and I can’t wait to see the finished booklet.  Most pieces will be in the shop soon.
I love the fabric in this clutch, it has a hand crafted button. This bag was sent off to my friend Barbara’s gallery in Buffalo.


I have been a little behind on my posting, it is that time of year, or is it this way all the time.   My orders have picked up in my Etsy shop and the gallery is always up and down with visitors and artisans coming and going.
I teach at a Arts school, mostly home schoolers, and this is our last week. Our family has the Holiday table for Japanese New Year (Shogatsu) so we are researching and making all the displays for this Thursday.
It is strange for me this Holidays seem over. When you are in a retail type business it starts so early that I am now ready to move on. I am so inspired right now for my new collection coming next year all I want to do is shut myself off in the Studio and create.
Time goes by so fast, I will just plug on and finish all the little tasks, and work toward creating the Studio time I crave.

Brick and Mortar

There are many things coming up at the Red Thread Studio.  I have been so busy working on other things, house renovation, getting ready to move and showing our house for sale, getting ready for the boys home school ( I also teach art at our home school group).  Now I need to put some attention in at the gallery.  Here are some photos of the current gallery layout.


This is a room divider screen that SA and I designed and
built a couple of years ago. The pink circle silk scarf is a new piece.

We are having a glass show in September, so the look of the space will change.  It is going to be exciting, I really need to have a big fall, and I can hardly wait for all the great art work and activities we have coming up.

Blog Favorites

I was recently tagged by Jeannine with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award.  It is so nice that she has been supporting me in this new Blog world.  I now need to select 5 favorite bloggers to award.  I have only been blogging for a short time, and there are so many blogs to love, so here are my favorites at this time.

Tricia, she is an artist using shibori as well as digital, her work is great.

Martha, I love the structural design using fabric.

Gabreial, all things vintage.

Melina, green living and home schooling.

Mimie, the best bath and beauty products.

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