Bags and Tiles and Fiber Classes

Tiles and Hispter Bags Ready to Ship by Angelia*A
Tiles and Hispter Bags Ready to Ship, a photo by Angelia*A on Flickr.

It is really busy here right now, one more order to ship and teen sewing class to start Thursday. Tonight I am going to try to get out to the Suffolk Art League member show opening, at the Suffolk Art Gallery If you are local try to come out, always a great show with many local artst’s work to see.



A busy week but a nice flow.  Another shipment went out to Gallery 50 in Michigan.

I went with Z and J on a little road trip to see the Picasso Exhibit in Richmond.  Funny we did a lot more of this kind of thing when the boys were younger, and they don’t really remember a lot.   Now everyone is more free to look or not look and find what is of interest to them, and the discussions are much better during the trip.  Another event coming up this weekend.

I have been working late the last few days, the creative juices are flowing.  The trip really helped-sometimes your just need to get away, I guess.  The logging that I started last week has  given me a nice rhythm, I had forgotten how much I like to just doodle and write little bits.  So it will continue.

Have a great weekend where ever you are!

Gallery Printing Show


We have a great show this month at the red thread,thanks so much to all the on-line artist that sent work for the show.  It looks great, photos of reception coming next week.

We are also having the Virginia Historic Garden tours today, so it will be busy.



The Art of Printing


The printed word and illustration is forever tied to our past. With new technology hand printing may be considered a lost art.   But today many artisans are embracing the skills of these techniques and bringing there own new spin to these traditional forms of art.

Fabric, paper, wood, metal all become the “canvas” for applications of ink and paint.

We present this invitational showcase of art work created using any one of various printing techniques, including but not limited to block printing, lithograph, stencil/screen printing, mono type, and letterpress.


Opening Reception Saturday April 26, 4-6pm

Music by Martha Giles, Hammer Dulcimer


Show continues through June 7, 2008

Print by Leanne Graeff