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It has been a long time since I bought a book or magazine.  I have a large collection and since online resources are so plentiful,  I did not feel like I needed to get any more resource materials.  It was also a problem with what was available, in design products especially.  All the new books for a while, were not that interesting, or were overly simplistic for my needs.   Recently I have noticed some new items out there and I may have give up some of my old collection and save up for a couple of new things.

This book “Decorate” looks lovely, I had a chance to see a copy at Anthropologie, and I have been a follower of Holly and Decor8 since the beginning.


I first read about Lotta Jansdotter in Selvedge Magazine several years ago.  She has many other books, some in Japanese, but I am always interested in studio spaces so “Open Spaces” looks intriguing.


And this last book is just me, texture, stitching, collage,  “Drawn to Stitch:  Line Drawing, and Mark Making in Textile Art.”


Motifs in Design-House

Here are some photo of a recent order I shopped.  The gallery only wanted “House Home” as the main design concept.  It is a motif that appears in my work often, so it was great fun  and a slight challenge to create so many different tiles but with a constant theme.


These tiles are made from reclaimed wood with printing and and painting details.

Also thanks to everyone who came out to see me and get some new things at the yard sale last week.  A busy week coming with another pillow order and getting the final preparations ready for my next in studio workshop days.

Winner Number 8

Well J selected a winner from the comments and it is Tanya and she has a cute Etsy shop.  I will be sending your bag of goodies out this week.  I will email you for shipping details.

Thanks for all the comments and great ideas for storage.  Too bad IKEA is a little far from my location, but I will be putting SA to use with his power tools and lumber for some new storage solutions.

Organization and Storage

Since my last post about organizing my studio, I have made real effort to find/collect together all my materials and supplies that are scattered in several different places.  Many things were packed and moved to the working studio from my home studio, and not marked or sorted. I am now going to have separate wet and dry areas, that should help with work flow. I am doing more planning than usual, lets hope it shows in productivity in the end of this process. I have been looking at different types of storage, I love the style of this
shelving unit that Holly of Decor8 posted. I think a combination of open and closed storage areas will work best. I get really cranky with a lot of clutter around.

My current goals with the new space:
-Sort and get rid of old things that do not work with my current design style. (Possible collage packs, de-stash).
-Store items that are used together in the same location, near its use area.
-Use coordinating storage containers, label/tag everything. (No matter how much we sort, the locations are hard to remember).

I have several types of containers around here, I like to use similar style for different items. It is really frustrating when you find a favorite and they are no longer available. I know it is a marketing game, but I usually have a budget and purchase a few at a time, by the time I need new containers, the design has completely changed no longer works with my originals.

It seems a lot of designers were organizing and setting up new studio earlier in the new year.  Anyone else have some new goals or ideas?  Studio photos are always good.

These are two storage units I thrifted, the vintage one on the right has been with me for a long time.

Studio Organization

 I have been so inspired by the Modish blog new feature “Handmade Space” the I am going back to work on my studio work area.  It has been months since I have had my whole studio set up in one location.  I am trying to get it back together, but it is so spread out it seems to be taking forever.  My goal is for the “wet” part of my workspace to be complete by February 12 and the remaining sewing and storage area complete by the end of the month.  We are hosting a reception on the 12th and the dying/painting area is always the most messy and it has been neglected for about six months.  It is  very visual from the gallery so I want it to be finished.

The sewing area is being relocated form my home workroom to the studio/gallery.  I will be much easier to work during the slow days at the gallery.  This is a peek of my old space in my house (the one currently for sale).


Collage Inspiration


Originally uploaded by Angelia*A

I am so happy to have one of my mood boards included in a new zine over at Design for Mankind, a lovely design blog. It is all about insiration-we all can use more. I so apprectiate being included with this amazing group of designers. Thanks to Erin for inviting me.

House and Home

A corner of the little parlor like living room.

We have been trying to sell our house.  The market is so crazy right now, so it is taking a long time.  The house is in one of those typical subdivisions, with the four bedrooms 2 1/2 baths tradition style that everyone seems to want.   It is a nice home but since SA and the boys do a lot of the building and need real workshop this is not available in this location.  We also need to move closer to the studio in the final move.

The problem now as well as being a slow market is the fact of keeping a house in a perfect showing condition.  No one lives this way.  I just want to get my life back together.  I want to decorate and move things around and the boys want to cook, and it just makes me crazy.   Many things have been packed and taken to the studio and now we are always trying to remember what we need and where it is located.  I hope we find the right family for our house soon.

Dining room, the buffet is a little large for this room.
I am always drawn to big chunky pieces of furniture.
Everything is painted neutral, since we are moving, a little
boring for me.

This is a thrift-ed table that is so great.

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