Fashion Friday

There has been a lot of fashion talk around here lately.  I have been working with the girls in my teen sewing workshop, they are learning a lot about sewing, for most this is the first complete garment they have made.  We are working on a fun tunic, with mixed fabric sections-it has an apron like feel.

Also this week there has been a great discussion of fashion over 50 with Julia Moulden and she has a new book “Ripe” about the topic.  So this has been at the other end of the spectrum from my teens.  But it all works for me.  I love working with the the students and talking about their style ideas and projects. I also think People of any age want to look good but also be comfortable.  But for me it also has to be creatively unique.  Even when I am 80 I will still be looking at and learning about  all the fashion and style out there, it is what I do.

Here are some items I made a while back.  Part of the silk painting I spoke about in my last post.



Project Runway Show, Update

I will have some photos from the opening reception last Saturday.  We had some great art work and fun.  We are working on the photos.  The will be up soon.  Thanks to everyone.

Project Runway Style

The show opens this weekend, it should be great fun.

Project Runway Style Challenge comes to Suffolk.
“The Shirt Off Your Back”  a special exhibit
Art work created from recycled clothing and other materials.
Opening Reception at The Red Thread Studio,
153 W. Washington Street, Downtown Suffolk
Saturday February 2, 2008 2-4 pm.
Eight artisan from different art backgrounds have created an unique combination of new works using old clothing, wood, metal and machine parts.
As with the “Project Runway”  style event, there were many challenges to the designers, including learning new techniques, working with unfamiliar materials, finding supplies, and of course a limited amount of time to finish the work.
We are happy to have local as well as national entries in the show.  A collection of images from show will also be available to view on line at after the opening reception.

Project Runway Style Challenge

Here is the invite for our next gallery show.  I hope it will help with the slow times after the holidays. 
Let me know what you think.

the red thread studio  Call for Art WorkProject Runway Style Challenge, “The Shirt off Your Back” This is a juried show open to all types of art form.  The challenge is to use a piece of clothing you already own and incorporate it into a new work of art.  Make a new garment, use it in a collage work, knit or crochet with it.  Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.  The DetailsSchedule:  Notice of intent to participate, January 18, 2008.   Delivery of completed artwork, January 26, 2008          Work can be mailed and cost of shipping for return. Opening reception and awards presentation, February 2, 2008 3-5pm Show closing March 1, 2008, art work needs to be pickup on March 3, 4, 2008.Please make arrangement for shipping cost if needed.  Awards First, Second, Third, and Viewers ChoiceValue of awards will be based on number of entrants. Fees: $5.00 two entries A photo of the original clothing item or a sketch/description is needed.   Completed work will be on display at the Red Thread Studio through MarchThere will be an opening reception, artist are encouraged to attend if possible.     Contact InformationAngelia Armstrong, 153 W. Washington Street, Suffolk, VA  23434

757.923.9832        http://www.theredthreadstudio

Design Challenge Coming

This is just a quick note about an upcoming project I am working on for all those creative ones out there. We all need something inspiring for the upcoming gray January. 
If you like Project Runway, keep checking here for a companion design challenge to be showcased in our Gallery.
Watch Project Runway starting tonight and see where all the fun starts.


Indie Fashion Week

This week has been the big fashion week in New York.  It will create great media coverage and hype for all the fashion people in the cities and of course the celebrities.  This is such a contradition for me being a designer in this rural southern town.   
Not having access (except through the media) to the big designers and boutique shops, and wanting to follow my own style has left me trying to find alternatives. I could never  force myself to spend the kind of money it would take to buy the “Label” and I really have a hard time thinking of  designer style at Walmart.  For me it has always been about personal style not just following the trends that “fashion” dictates, anyway. 
So I started designing my own clothing.  This lead to my small line of one of a kind clothing and accessories, that I have always marketed through art galleries and shows.  Now with this (internet,web, Etsy) connection, I have been able to market my own line, as well as search out other unique independent designers that seem to follow their own path of style and creativity as well.
Here are some of the designers I find uniquely intresting.
esty-wildwear.jpgWildewear, reconstructed knit wear,
fun dresses, tops.
esty-treehouse.jpgTreehouse28, wonderful garments, unusual shapes.
and use of stretch fabrics, great edging details.
esty-kjoo.jpgKjoo, beautiful, very
unique accessories, fiber yarn and mixed materials.
esty-circular.jpgCircular Accessories, popular screen printed
clothing creative bold prints.
esty-silvia.jpgSilvia66, beautiful knitted capelets,
hats, soft muted color.
esty-armstrong.jpgArmstrong Industry(my shop)
esty-moxie.jpgMoxie and Oliver, traditional
techniques in leather accessories with a contemporary twist.
esty-dan-scrap2.jpgScrap DannyMansmith, reconstructed clothing and accessories ,
love the unrefined and randomness qualities.
esty-jen.jpgJen Claire,reconstructed garments,
modern with an artistic, romantic touch.
esty-srb.jpgSRB Designs, interesting pants, jumpers,
reconstructed and tailored.

Brick and Mortar Shows Part II

We have a new show coming at Red Thread, “Elements” The Glass Show.  We have had some great shows this year.  Here are some photos of “Bikinis to Burqas”  Clothing in Culture.  We had some great student work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Personal Body Protector” and “Sea Anemone Suit”
Two pieces by Sarah Holden
These great costume are by Zach Monday