Print and Other Media

It has been a long time since I bought a book or magazine.  I have a large collection and since online resources are so plentiful,  I did not feel like I needed to get any more resource materials.  It was also a problem with what was available, in design products especially.  All the new books for a while, were not that interesting, or were overly simplistic for my needs.   Recently I have noticed some new items out there and I may have give up some of my old collection and save up for a couple of new things.

This book “Decorate” looks lovely, I had a chance to see a copy at Anthropologie, and I have been a follower of Holly and Decor8 since the beginning.


I first read about Lotta Jansdotter in Selvedge Magazine several years ago.  She has many other books, some in Japanese, but I am always interested in studio spaces so “Open Spaces” looks intriguing.


And this last book is just me, texture, stitching, collage,  “Drawn to Stitch:  Line Drawing, and Mark Making in Textile Art.”


Creativity Community

Thanks to everyone who came out to the sale today.  I was a beautiful first day of out Store closing/yard sale.  The weather was great, also nice to see many artist friends who stopped by.  A great time catching up and passing on some lovely art and supplies to new homes.  We have one more Day on Saturday.  Hope more friends and neighbors can stop by-I really hate to pack it all back up-many prices you can’t even get at the thrift stores.  We have new items as well as furniture and display things, art books, fabrics, etc.  Email me if your interested in something.

Quilting Texture

I have been working on adding more texture to my work. Folk art textiles are so beautiful and simple. They have been a part of my inspiration research recently. A favorite designer is London artist Janet Bolton. The texture from the stitching and little bits of fabric add so much to all of the finished quilts.

And she has a new book, “Janet Bolton Textile Pictures” available here.
Hand stitching and more applique are some new techniques I will be adding to my next collection.

Still on the Studio

In my on going saga of studio moving and organizing I have been researching storage ideas aa well as lighting and actual work space placement/layout.  I tend to like a open, uncluttered looking space, but I work with many fabrics and other elements at the same time so the work area always seem so messy and cluttered, which I do not like.  These are the problems I hope to work out in the layout and I hope it will make it a better place to be and help with creative flow.

While searching for storage ideas I came across this site of beautiful photography by
Melba Levick.  There are about 120 photos and also a book that I am ordering.  It is so inspirational to see so many differents art and craft studios, from cool and comtemporary to small cottage gardens spaces

I would love to enter one of these doors everyday.  art-studios-053.jpgart-studios040.jpg
This has the feeling I would like to have for my space.

SA and the boys would love this place.


The Red Thread Print Show


Our local arts group is having the spring show in April based around the theme
Beyond Reading Books as Art”  this is a multi-venue show that brings in a lot of regional people to town.  It is so important for us since we are in a redevelopment area and regular foot traffic is very sporadic.
The Gallery’s part of the show this time is “The Art of Print Making.” I have invited several, new to the area, artists and it is so great to have such a positive response, for participation.  I will have more as we get closer the the event.
I want to also thanks Leanne for her lovely blog post.

tutorial-082.jpgPrinted Fabric



I just received my copy of Marie Claire Idees. It is in French and I can not read much but the visuals are so good it is all you need. When I see things like this photo, I so wish I were a better knitter. I can do a knit and pearl stitch in straight rows, that is about it.
I love this bag, the color, the shape, the design. It is inspirted by simple vegetables, even better.
Even more plant inspiration on the other pages.