Paris Artist


I have never been to Paris, but always wanted to go.  I guess it is my interest in fashion and architecture.  Whenever I find photos or images of the city it just seems so beautiful and inspiring.  I read about the artist Nathalie Lete in American Craft magazine, and found her web location with her wonderful art work plus great photos of her studio.  Take a look and enjoy.



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Still on the Studio

In my on going saga of studio moving and organizing I have been researching storage ideas aa well as lighting and actual work space placement/layout.  I tend to like a open, uncluttered looking space, but I work with many fabrics and other elements at the same time so the work area always seem so messy and cluttered, which I do not like.  These are the problems I hope to work out in the layout and I hope it will make it a better place to be and help with creative flow.

While searching for storage ideas I came across this site of beautiful photography by
Melba Levick.  There are about 120 photos and also a book that I am ordering.  It is so inspirational to see so many differents art and craft studios, from cool and comtemporary to small cottage gardens spaces

I would love to enter one of these doors everyday.  art-studios-053.jpgart-studios040.jpg
This has the feeling I would like to have for my space.

SA and the boys would love this place.


Architecture and Design

On the trip to Richmond we visited some areas we had not seen in a while.  It is a very Southern town, but a lot of redevolopment is going on in many areas.  We usually see the old colonial homes with the live oaks and crepe myrtles trees

We found this interesting building off Broad Street. 

This is the Markel Building, built in 1962.  Richmond native architect Haig Jamgochain was inspired by a bake potato wraped in foil.  Each floor section of aluminum is 555 feet long, with sledge hammered crinkles.