Gallery Printing Show


We have a great show this month at the red thread,thanks so much to all the on-line artist that sent work for the show.  It looks great, photos of reception coming next week.

We are also having the Virginia Historic Garden tours today, so it will be busy.



The Art of Printing


The printed word and illustration is forever tied to our past. With new technology hand printing may be considered a lost art.   But today many artisans are embracing the skills of these techniques and bringing there own new spin to these traditional forms of art.

Fabric, paper, wood, metal all become the “canvas” for applications of ink and paint.

We present this invitational showcase of art work created using any one of various printing techniques, including but not limited to block printing, lithograph, stencil/screen printing, mono type, and letterpress.


Opening Reception Saturday April 26, 4-6pm

Music by Martha Giles, Hammer Dulcimer


Show continues through June 7, 2008

Print by Leanne Graeff



Still on the Studio

In my on going saga of studio moving and organizing I have been researching storage ideas aa well as lighting and actual work space placement/layout.  I tend to like a open, uncluttered looking space, but I work with many fabrics and other elements at the same time so the work area always seem so messy and cluttered, which I do not like.  These are the problems I hope to work out in the layout and I hope it will make it a better place to be and help with creative flow.

While searching for storage ideas I came across this site of beautiful photography by
Melba Levick.  There are about 120 photos and also a book that I am ordering.  It is so inspirational to see so many differents art and craft studios, from cool and comtemporary to small cottage gardens spaces

I would love to enter one of these doors everyday.  art-studios-053.jpgart-studios040.jpg
This has the feeling I would like to have for my space.

SA and the boys would love this place.


Nature the Environment

I am talking about this today in hopes it will get others talking and doing things about it.  I have always tried to live this way, and to me it is hard to believe we still have to keep trying to convince others this is the right thing to do.  Growing up poor and in a very rural part of the country, this was the way we lived all the time.  It wasn’t because someone told us or it was a popular trend(we didn’t even know what that was). Taking care of the earth should be everyones’ joy. 
We grew some of our own food, and canned it for the winter and shared what was extra, that included taking care of the land, using everything and not wasting.  We could wild food that was available, berries, mushrooms. We saved rain water, put scraps of food-that didn’t go to feed the animals-around the plants, I guess that would be composting today.  
Everything was reused, clothing was worn by several members of the family and then use for quilting or other fabric projects. Old food jars were used as drinking cups, pencil holders, water collectors, etc. These are just a few examples.
I have gotten away from this somewhat, due to our location and access to things. We are coming back to the natural way for our family to live. Our food supply is not very healthy or accessible. We will be starting to grow our own organic produce again, and preserve it. I will continue my work in textiles that includes recycling old fabric items.
I hope the time is coming for more to realize that we need to for our children and grand children.

Natural Garden Ideas
Use old coffee grounds or tea bags for mulch, it is best for acid loving plants.
Add egg shells(calicum)for tomato end rot.
Plant marigolds around vegetables to help repel some insects and small animals (they have a bitter taste).
Since it is fall here, use all those leaves in the compost, instead of the landfill.