Beautiful Fabric

I am working on an teaching proposal for a new class in the fall, silk painting and dyeing. I have been working in linen and cotton in recent months, since the studio is coming together, the dye area is ready for new processes. I usually paint directly with gutta resist and a lot of detail. I am going to try some new ideas with free form painting and do some samples for the class.
Shibori dyeing is so interesting as well. I so not have a lot of practice but I try. This is a perfect example of show wonderful work here.
Carter Smith is the shibori artist.


Display and Design

In the process of creating new work, photographing pieces and moving my studio, I have come to look and the “Art” of display in everything. I do it in the Red Thread, and it is something I love. What I am finding now is that I really need to have things set up in certain ways for me to really relax and help in the creative process. So, as a part of this, I will be starting a new feature on my new blog (coming soon) that will be dedicated to display of all kinds, in shops, on line, at home and studios. I would love to hear from anyone who is passionate about this as I am. Let me see those collections.
This is a corner of my old house.

I have a mix of styles, due to inherited furniture items and thrift shop finds. This is a little traditional for me, but interesting.

New Materials

Spring time is the growing season, and for us that means, chopping bamboo.  It grows on our property and as many have heard it spreads like crazy and can grow 1 foot per week on average.  It is a love hate relationship.  It is lovely and sustainable and can be made into many things.  It can be turned into flooring, counters, fibers, fabrics and much more.  We are currently working on some new items in our collection using some of the bamboo we have growing.   I have used it in our windows and studio for display.  The fabric, along with hemp are coming into play as well. 
The big negative for the garden is the invasion quality, it can take over your landscape.

Here are some great products to check out.  Yarn from Royal Yarns and this fabric from Harts Fabrics.

Top Image courtesy Where You Sit

Window Display

I am again working on new window displays at the Red Thread.. It is time for summer and I love to have bright colorful displays. I have four large windows and it takes a lot to fill them. You also have to be careful about sun fading, it is a old building and I have no UVA protection on the glass. In recent seasons, paper flowers have been an easy way to fill up space and add lots of color. I have spent many days pleating and folding paper to create enough to make a big impact.

I just found these photos from former Martha Stewart Design Stylist Rebecca Truss (thanks to the Scoop at Orange Beautiful). These flowers and are such an inspiration for my summer windows.

Fabric Friday

I am starting a new feature showcasing textile art, with a special focus on surface design, dyeing, screen printing, block printing and other techniques.
This week is a group of artist near Philadelphia The Textile Workshop who create beautiful fabric in yardage.  The artists of Textile Workshop, Judy Topkis and twin sisters Barbara Herak and Grace Henshaw, gave up their canvases and easels and chose cloth as their preferred method of expression.  Their fabrics are used for pillows, wall art and other home accessories, they also have scrap packs or quilters and sewers.

If you or anyone you know is a fabric designer and would be featured please send me a note and I will try and feature as many as I can in the coming weeks.


Since we have been trying to sell our house it has caused me to reorganize and pack away and find new ways to display items around the house.  It is frustrating to make your home look like no on actually lives there, but is interesting enough for people want to buy it.   At the end of each week we start to dread the telephone call that someone wants to view our house.   It is then a scramble to clean up, move things around to create a false evnironment for the possible buyers.
Many of my collections have been partially packed away and others moved around. Here is a little sample of green potters from over the years.
I am also currently working on a mood board for my studio, so I can finally finish and get more creative work happening this summer. Since my teaching is now over until next fall it seems like the best time.
A new look is also coming for this here blog, so much work happening right now.


Surface Design Embroidery

In all my textile research, I have been looking back at all the past artist I have worked with and enjoyed their work.  One of the first artist I found on line when it was simple and not much organized art areas was this UK artist Jehane Boden Spiers an wonderful embroidery designer.   She even sent me a beautiful collection of sample cards in a beautiful presentation and sweet note.  They also have a great art group showcasing many other local artist, Yellow House Art.

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