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I am finally getting to post, it can be a little tricky with tornadoes and all.  The print show opening was good, not quite what we had expected, but we were competing (we found out) with two other outdoor festivals and the first sunny Saturday in several weeks.   Thanks to all the artist and supporters who helped with this event.

On Monday our town (Suffolk, VA) was hit by several severe tornadoes in a few hours, we did not have any direct damage, but the whole town is really in shock and now recovery mode. Mother nature can really show her power.

I am still working on the new materials (printing)
and will have a major upgrade to my shop and blog coming over the next month. 

For now I am going to be clearing out a lot of my stock at the
Gallery to make room for
the great new items. 
I will be adding things all this week at great prices.



As you can see many different styles to choose from in this group.





Gallery Printing Show


We have a great show this month at the red thread,thanks so much to all the on-line artist that sent work for the show.  It looks great, photos of reception coming next week.

We are also having the Virginia Historic Garden tours today, so it will be busy.



The Art of Printing


The printed word and illustration is forever tied to our past. With new technology hand printing may be considered a lost art.   But today many artisans are embracing the skills of these techniques and bringing there own new spin to these traditional forms of art.

Fabric, paper, wood, metal all become the “canvas” for applications of ink and paint.

We present this invitational showcase of art work created using any one of various printing techniques, including but not limited to block printing, lithograph, stencil/screen printing, mono type, and letterpress.


Opening Reception Saturday April 26, 4-6pm

Music by Martha Giles, Hammer Dulcimer


Show continues through June 7, 2008

Print by Leanne Graeff


Fabric Design

A lot of research has been going on but not much production, in my studio lately.  I am trying new techniques in printing, on fabric and wood and paper.  It feels like my work is being pulled in two directions.  For years I have been dyeing, and hand painting on fabric, it is time consuming and labor intense, but it is what I know.  Now I am at the point where things are taking off and I must go in a different direction if I am ever going to move this creative endeavor to the next level.  Stream lining my processes and having Z assist more in the creative process.   We are setting up the screen printing studio and I am working on new designs.  It so hard for me to move to a new area of printing, I guess change is hard-I have this perfectionist problem.  Does anyone else struggle with this type of thing?  Between process and production.

I have followed this designer for years, Kerr Grabowski.  She has a great process “Deconstructed Screen Printing” and her workshops look amazing, if she ever offers one close enough for me the participate.  Wonderful fabric surface techniques on her fabrics and garment construction.


Fashion Personal Style

I have been thinking about my personal style in clothing. Every year as spring comes around I start to stare in the closet and push things around to try and find things to wear. I used to make clothing as part of my collections, but have moved on the more accessories and interior design items. Fashion always draws me back and I am commited to making some new items for my own use this season. Summer is the hardest time for dressing to me.  I hate going shopping in department stores, we have such a limited selection in this area and I have limied finances right now. Looking at eco fashion has been interesting, a lot of new designers with great styles.  It is Earth Day this week.
I found this great designer Lizzie Parker, I love her work.

Texture in Clay

I am a pottery dreamer.   I love how many lovely things you can create out of such a primitive material.  I took one pottery class in college, it was not good.  It is not me, not my thing, I am a very creative person and use a variety of material but not clay.  Too messy, so many steps, big surprises when you open the kiln, I am not a potter.  But I am so drawn to it and the people who create the amazing work. Since I have been thinking about texture in my own work, the possibilities of adding texture to clay work seem endless. Still dreaming here.

These are works by a couple I met in Philadephia last year at an art show.  I hope to be showing some of their work at the Red Thread later this year. 

Ed and Kate Colman Pottery.


Quilting Texture

I have been working on adding more texture to my work. Folk art textiles are so beautiful and simple. They have been a part of my inspiration research recently. A favorite designer is London artist Janet Bolton. The texture from the stitching and little bits of fabric add so much to all of the finished quilts.

And she has a new book, “Janet Bolton Textile Pictures” available here.
Hand stitching and more applique are some new techniques I will be adding to my next collection.

Paris Artist


I have never been to Paris, but always wanted to go.  I guess it is my interest in fashion and architecture.  Whenever I find photos or images of the city it just seems so beautiful and inspiring.  I read about the artist Nathalie Lete in American Craft magazine, and found her web location with her wonderful art work plus great photos of her studio.  Take a look and enjoy.



Thanks again for the comments, I am having a computer glitch and cannot get my email thanks to your comments to go out.



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