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Here is a great design company that I found (via Crust Station). They are eco friendly and very creative. They have great vintage flair with their clothing. It is just they way I try to run my business. Love the color on their web site

In my own textile business at this time in my life, I have started to focus more on home accessories and fabrics.  But I will always be drawn to fashion design and style.  I still make bags and small fashion accessories, and create the fashion for my own clothing to wear.  


A Thank You

I wanted to thank Timothy for adding my Etsy mini to his blog.  He is a talented metal-smith and jewelry designer.  You can find more of his work at Timothy Adams Etsy site here.  Thanks again.

More Finds

It is so great to find things.  Here are some other forgotton items I found while sorting boxes.  I found these tiles in the town where I grew up, in a junk shop.  I love the style, they are hand painted and labeled on the back.  The artist is
Robert Darr Wert, no date though.

tile108.jpgGreat colors

                                                     Even though these are labeled country, they have a retro modern sense to me.


Still on the Studio

In my on going saga of studio moving and organizing I have been researching storage ideas aa well as lighting and actual work space placement/layout.  I tend to like a open, uncluttered looking space, but I work with many fabrics and other elements at the same time so the work area always seem so messy and cluttered, which I do not like.  These are the problems I hope to work out in the layout and I hope it will make it a better place to be and help with creative flow.

While searching for storage ideas I came across this site of beautiful photography by
Melba Levick.  There are about 120 photos and also a book that I am ordering.  It is so inspirational to see so many differents art and craft studios, from cool and comtemporary to small cottage gardens spaces

I would love to enter one of these doors everyday.  art-studios-053.jpgart-studios040.jpg
This has the feeling I would like to have for my space.

SA and the boys would love this place.


Studio Organization III

As work continues on my new studio, it is so interesting to look through boxes of fabric, papers, trims and a whole collection of all my design years.  I came across a folder with clothing designs from several years.  As you can see they were in a fire that happened in my small garage art room I had before.  I can remember sitting in my car waiting for my boys in a class, and doing these rough sketches.  Some of the pieces were created, but not all.  Most were for my personal use.


Gallery Show Photography

I am still busy with my studio, but I do have these photos of the front gallery.  This was the photography show that opened last week and was a great success.  It is much work setting up a show, but so great when everyone comes and has fun.


Bits and Pieces

It was a little crazy here last week, but it all ended in a great opening party for our photography show.  Probably the best opening for a show so far.  I was great fun and the artist work was really appreciated and he seemed to really enjoy himself.

Now I am back to my own work, and I am so glad.  I always seem to find the most creativity when I have the least time to spend on that part of this business. 

In the process of studio reorgainzation I have found so many things and so much fabric, I am going to have a sale of my fabrics and yarns in the shop.  I have hand dyes and commercial prints.  Since my sons are older and I no longer work in childrens clothing, I think it is time to free up some space and get rid of some the cute prints I have collected.  I will be grouping in color and styles and I hope they will be great for some of the other great designer/crafters out there.  I just hate for things to go to waste.

In the mean time I have been making trims with all my small scraps, to add to the new summer handbags.  Maybe I will even have some scrap bags for all those collage artist out there.

Here is small sample of the bits that seem to be taking over the studio.

        fabricsamples108.jpg                                                                  fabricsamples208.jpg

Next week I hope to have some looks at the new studio and some ideas I have used for storage and display.

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