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This lovely collection is from Jeannine.  She has a project over at her site, to help families of the armed forces.  She did a great collage class last week at the gallery.  Z was able to sit in on the class and really learned some new techniques and came away with some interesting pieces of art.   Head over and check out her art work and help out a good cause.


The Red Thread Print Show


Our local arts group is having the spring show in April based around the theme
Beyond Reading Books as Art”  this is a multi-venue show that brings in a lot of regional people to town.  It is so important for us since we are in a redevelopment area and regular foot traffic is very sporadic.
The Gallery’s part of the show this time is “The Art of Print Making.” I have invited several, new to the area, artists and it is so great to have such a positive response, for participation.  I will have more as we get closer the the event.
I want to also thanks Leanne for her lovely blog post.

tutorial-082.jpgPrinted Fabric

Shop Update Printed fabric

I finally have some new items in my shop.  I have not had as much time as needed to keep it updated.  After the next few weeks, I am changing my schedule and it should make things a little smoother.  I am getting ready for a presentation tomorrow, this is the third one I have had to do in the last six weeks and I will be glad to be finished.  We really have to juggle many jobs when we work as independent designers.

It is good to be sorting and organizing my studio.  I found this print fabric and it goes well with my own printed designs.  This color palette is working so well for me.  I still have several designs on the cutting/drawing board.  It looks like another busy week.

Travel Wallet

Modern Pot Holder

Studio Organization


I am still in working on my new studio. I have so much going on right now, and the boys have been sick ,so I am a little behind.
This photo has such a great look, it inspires me to get back to the layout and making a new place for my creative work.  Lately it seems the “business” part has been using a lot of time. I hope my space will be finished soon, I have so many ideas in my head.
As I have been going through my stash of fabrics, yarns, notions and such, I have made decided to open and new Etsy shop for my supplies. My style has changed a lot over the years, and I have collected a lot from friends and others that I know I will never use. It is just going to be ruined, so I will have an announcement up soon with the new set up and all kinds of interesting supplies for everyone to create some wonderful things.

Architecture and Design

On the trip to Richmond we visited some areas we had not seen in a while.  It is a very Southern town, but a lot of redevolopment is going on in many areas.  We usually see the old colonial homes with the live oaks and crepe myrtles trees

We found this interesting building off Broad Street. 

This is the Markel Building, built in 1962.  Richmond native architect Haig Jamgochain was inspired by a bake potato wraped in foil.  Each floor section of aluminum is 555 feet long, with sledge hammered crinkles.




I just received my copy of Marie Claire Idees. It is in French and I can not read much but the visuals are so good it is all you need. When I see things like this photo, I so wish I were a better knitter. I can do a knit and pearl stitch in straight rows, that is about it.
I love this bag, the color, the shape, the design. It is inspirted by simple vegetables, even better.
Even more plant inspiration on the other pages.

Weekend Trip

We are going on a little trip tomorrow.  Richmond is a couple hours away, and some museum, fabric and book store inspiration is in order at this time.  Please take a look at some of the great blogs in the side bar.  

A chance to visit Anthropologie as well.


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