Deadlines and New Designs

This new year has taken off quickly here.  I had planned several things for the usually slow winter months. Now, there seems to be a lot going on and deadlines are coming fast.  I signed up for a new catalog someone is doing on Etsy.  The time line changed and now I am working like crazy to get everything made, styled and photographed.  The plus is it really made me focus on my collections and stay with the design concept and I am really pleased with the outcome.  I will have the new items in the shop soon, and it have gave me that creative boost that seemed to be lacking during the Holiday time.  The down side is I am planning a lot of interesting things for the gallery and those deadlines are coming with still more work to go.
This increase in activity has helped with my goals for the year. I want to increase my marketing and focus on a group of designs that I will build into a wholesale product line.
I hope to keep everything updated here as I go along. I am also in the process of a new design for this blog space, it may cahnge more each day while I work out the kinks.  Thanks, for the support.

Sketches and printing samples.



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