Ending a Year

As the year ends, the time comes to make the new goals for the next year.  I am always reminded of the usual-stop wasting time,get organized, exercise, or some other bad habit that needs ending.  This time for me, I more interested in living my life in an authentic way.  Creating a life that is doing positive things and not worrying about the bad habits.  It seems when one area of my life is going well I am motivated into improving other areas of my life.  Instead of thinking in the negative setting goals for the positive gains I hope to make.  I have been feeling a little stuck,  in the creative sense.   As I am working out times and dates and activities already lined up for 2008, I want to open up more space for the design world and new opportunities for my work.  Saying no, or not doing the same show or event gives space for new adventures and opportunities.

Design Goals-
Finish design coordinations for next collection
New printing techniques-taking a silk screening class in Janurary
Streamline each collection(I always want to make too many things each season),
Destash my studio-make 15 new fabric sample design bags (color groups)
Stay up to date in creative notebook(help with studio organization)

Business, and personal goals-coming

Possible additions for the new collections.  Adding another element, with the wood, which adds the element of working with the boys more.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeannine
    Dec 18, 2007 @ 00:41:12

    Authenticity is a big goal for me this year too (and I’ll be in that silk screen class with you too).

    I hope to get in to the gallery this week!


  2. DancingMooney
    Dec 21, 2007 @ 01:31:30

    I am excited to see your new pieces with wood… I just love cigar box purses and such, as much as collage art & shadow boxes, so it will be fun to see your creativity soar in another direction…
    Have fun and happy new year!


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