This Time of Year

                      green-sqs-and-mat-030.jpgLife and work, right now, seem like a big blur.  So many shows that need work completed, so much marketing for the shows and galleries.  The creative part always seems to get lost.  I know I have been writing about this for some time, but it never seems to change. 
I was reading another artist’s blog, Lisa Call, and she offered some great ideas and quotes about discipline.
The thoughts really hit home with me. I always seem to be living in reaction mode. Never really having the goals or big picture of what I really want out of this creative life in mind when I accept another invitation to participate in  show, or someone calls for more information about or wants to do a show in the gallery.
I feel like I tend to say yes to everything and then run around trying to fill the show, or plan another marketing package, but there is never a forward plan to the future (only the next five minute future).
There are a lot of outside influences causing a lot of waiting time, in my life as well as my community, and the country and the world ( if we can go that far). I am an optimist at heart, but with so many unknowns right now it is hard to see how things might play out. I just have to keep my best instincts in mind and keep going in a positive direction.


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  1. Ravenhill
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 07:28:45

    This photo really was enticingly interesting. I would like to see more! What I do see looks quite stunning and different. I can relate to your post on many levels. It is hard to 1. determine your goals and focu and 2. stay on course. Have you seen the movie The Secret?


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