Two Years Old

Happy Anniversary to The Red Thread Studio.  We are having a little celebration at the studio this afternoon.  I can’t believe we have made it two years now in our Brick and Mortar Gallery here in Virginia. 

It has been a lot of work and struggle and sacrifice, but we are still here.  What has be  to me has been to have the web/blog world of people out there.  It is so nice to be in contact with like souls in this creative world .  Some times it is such a struggle just to keep going, when there seems to be no one who gets what you are trying to do. Having this access to people from all over the globe is so wonderful.

 Thanks to all the others offering up there creative voices to all of us searching for kindred spirits to make us feel not so alone.



Beautuful Design

I happened on an interesting European (Sweden) designer.  It is so interesting and so different how people dress and style their homes.   The art of textiles still seem much more important there then it is in the United States.  The company is very Eco-friendly and I love all the color and texturesthat are used.  The clothing have a more ethnic and mature element. It is hard to see most designs in local store, always seem to follow each other with the same boring minimal trends. Gudrun Sjoden’s work it wonderful.


One of my goals for the new year is to be more true to my style, personality and self.  I always feel like I do not belong in this part of the world where I am currently living.  But since I am here for a little while longer, I am going to make the most of my life no matter where that my be.  It is great to be able to connect to others around the world now with the Internet and all.  So I will use that to my best ability, as well as build on my own beautiful  design company for myself and family.

Textures II

Still staying with the thoughts of working with texture.  I usually work in silks, linen, cottons for my accessories. I found some great colors in fleece at a fabric store.  I have worked out a small line of more casual clothing pieces for this cold season.  Coming to the shop this week.

A detail with a printed bird, applique and stitching detail.


Shop Update

I will be updating my shop starting tomorrow (Happy Thanksgiving) and through out the weekend.  I have new bags small pouches and large totes as well and my new style neck wraps.  A lot of color and texture to come.





I have been interested in working projects in a type of series.  Creating pieces with a similar style, theme, shape, colors, etc. I am currently concentrating on textures.  I have always loved tone on tone colors with more of an emphasis on textures, within the type of material as well as the embellishments and the design itself.   I love the quilting of another great blogger, Jude, especially when it comes to texture.


This tote bag combines several elements.  Two types of fabric-smooth cotton, pebbled raw silk.  The fabrics are printed with textile inks and decorative stitching is also used.

Design Inspire

The creative spirit has really hit me in a great way.  Usually after a busy show and sale time like I have just went through, I go into a slump and feel no interest in working on anything.  It is different this time,  I have so many design ideas pouring out.  I am working on a new studio work space and there seems to be a lot o positive energy coming from a new group of people as well as dear friends.  It feels so good going into the holiday season.  Here is a little sample of new designs coming soon.

I have used new and recycled clothing in the new collection. I have also been working on some new stitching, pleating and free-form quilting techniques. I also like the tone on tone of the rich jewel colors.  I love all greens.

Design Challenge Coming

This is just a quick note about an upcoming project I am working on for all those creative ones out there. We all need something inspiring for the upcoming gray January. 
If you like Project Runway, keep checking here for a companion design challenge to be showcased in our Gallery.
Watch Project Runway starting tonight and see where all the fun starts.


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