Creative Work Shows, Galleries

I have many things coming up in my creative life.    Last year I put all my eggs in the Red Thread basket and did not get as much exposure as I hoped.  This year my eggs are all over the place.   It is hard to keep up with all the functions, placing ads, taking down one show, putting up the next show, getting ready for the Holiday Opening, getting my work ready for the Handmade Parade, presented by the Norfolk Craft Mafia.  I delivered work to two other gallery shows this week and still need to send one more package to another friend’s gallery.
My own creative work always evolves slowly as times goes by so now I need to step it up for this final push. Does anyone else feel a crunch time right now?



Much work in progress

I have been working on several projects and it is getting a little crazy.  I have five deadlines in various areas of my life in the next two weeks.  As always with me, whenever the pressure is on the creative ideas start to come pouring out and I find myself trying to make a million things at once. 
I am in the process of changing my studio and work/planning time to help ease this last minute panic.  I really need to be able to spend more time in the studio and stream line some of my processes.  The trick for is going to start with, being able to put a collection together in stages-design/planning, material procurement, process and assemble.
So far I have just been making do and not taking charge of this part of my life in a more positive way. I need to make myself think as a designer in business and gain the confidence to really put myself out there.

Hand dyed and embellished wraps.
img0032.jpg img0069aa.jpg

Procrastination and Deadlines


Not much time for writing.  I have been so busy getting ready for shows and gallery events.  I found some creative juice and was feeling on a roll.   And the unexpected happens. My sewing machine broke.  It is a newer electronic and SA, who can usually fix anything, can’t do it.  I now have the usual guilt of cutting it so close on timing and having something like this happen.  I have and old clunker machine that I hope will hold me over.   I have a delivery Monday.

Nature the Environment

I am talking about this today in hopes it will get others talking and doing things about it.  I have always tried to live this way, and to me it is hard to believe we still have to keep trying to convince others this is the right thing to do.  Growing up poor and in a very rural part of the country, this was the way we lived all the time.  It wasn’t because someone told us or it was a popular trend(we didn’t even know what that was). Taking care of the earth should be everyones’ joy. 
We grew some of our own food, and canned it for the winter and shared what was extra, that included taking care of the land, using everything and not wasting.  We could wild food that was available, berries, mushrooms. We saved rain water, put scraps of food-that didn’t go to feed the animals-around the plants, I guess that would be composting today.  
Everything was reused, clothing was worn by several members of the family and then use for quilting or other fabric projects. Old food jars were used as drinking cups, pencil holders, water collectors, etc. These are just a few examples.
I have gotten away from this somewhat, due to our location and access to things. We are coming back to the natural way for our family to live. Our food supply is not very healthy or accessible. We will be starting to grow our own organic produce again, and preserve it. I will continue my work in textiles that includes recycling old fabric items.
I hope the time is coming for more to realize that we need to for our children and grand children.

Natural Garden Ideas
Use old coffee grounds or tea bags for mulch, it is best for acid loving plants.
Add egg shells(calicum)for tomato end rot.
Plant marigolds around vegetables to help repel some insects and small animals (they have a bitter taste).
Since it is fall here, use all those leaves in the compost, instead of the landfill.

Color on Fabric

I really love color, some colors more than others.  It is interesting that I notice in my design work, I tend to go in phases.  I do use a lot of neutrals.  I have not had a chance to paint (direct silk painting) in a while.  The process is so refreshing to me.  Drawing with the resist painting in each dye color similar to painting with watercolors.  The result is so different than screen printed fabrics.  My real goal is to combine painting, dyeing and printing in a style I have been working on.   I am currently working with silk organza, hopefully some new jacket results soon. 

This is a finished silk piece, the fabric just takes in the color and it is beautiful.


Creating and Design

It is still a challenge for me to be true to my creative style and not just try to make things to sell.  I think that has been part of my problem with finding my creative self over these last months with all the activities of business and home life always lingering in the back of my mind.   I feel a little more on track now, and have many ideas out in the open after much organizing and sketching and doing nothing for a while.  Now I just need to get the rest of my work studio set up so the actual ideas can come together. Here is an inspiration piece for this season and coming soon to the Etsy shop.  Thanks to everyone for the ideas and encouragement.

Studio Work, Renewal?


I am finally getting a little time for creating my own work.  I have been putting so much time and energy into the Red Thread and marketing and all those other things that go along with being self employed.  In the mean time I have broken up my actual studio work space since we are selling our house. Now, I am sort of bridging between two different locations and I can’t seem to find anything.  My creative side has been hiding and I am having trouble getting back to design work.  What do you do when you need to get back on track?  How do you organize your time?  For now I just want to create something to feel that excitement, just to remember why it is that we do this type of artistic work.