Studio Windows

The fall windows at The Red Thread.  It is almost time for a new season, so I wanted to get a shot of these in before the Winter Holiday windows take over.


Here is the Red River Falls glass installation for the “Elements” Show, by Ali Rogan



Glass Show Reception

We had a great show opening Saturday.  The glass artisans presented a beautiful collection of work.



It takes so much work to set up a show.  I use pieces of vintage and antique furniture finds as well as pedestals in the gallery displays and shows.  I think it helps show off the work and people can get a feel for what it will look like in their homes.  I really love putting things together and finding the right arrangements, but it still surprises me how much time and detail work goes into the whole thing. Having the work delivered  (could involve telephoning artist several times), unpacking, planning and placing or hanging the work, making and hanging tags, window displays, food service, and this is only for the actual show and does not include any of the pre-show preparation and promotion. 

Indie Fashion Week

This week has been the big fashion week in New York.  It will create great media coverage and hype for all the fashion people in the cities and of course the celebrities.  This is such a contradition for me being a designer in this rural southern town.   
Not having access (except through the media) to the big designers and boutique shops, and wanting to follow my own style has left me trying to find alternatives. I could never  force myself to spend the kind of money it would take to buy the “Label” and I really have a hard time thinking of  designer style at Walmart.  For me it has always been about personal style not just following the trends that “fashion” dictates, anyway. 
So I started designing my own clothing.  This lead to my small line of one of a kind clothing and accessories, that I have always marketed through art galleries and shows.  Now with this (internet,web, Etsy) connection, I have been able to market my own line, as well as search out other unique independent designers that seem to follow their own path of style and creativity as well.
Here are some of the designers I find uniquely intresting.
esty-wildwear.jpgWildewear, reconstructed knit wear,
fun dresses, tops.
esty-treehouse.jpgTreehouse28, wonderful garments, unusual shapes.
and use of stretch fabrics, great edging details.
esty-kjoo.jpgKjoo, beautiful, very
unique accessories, fiber yarn and mixed materials.
esty-circular.jpgCircular Accessories, popular screen printed
clothing creative bold prints.
esty-silvia.jpgSilvia66, beautiful knitted capelets,
hats, soft muted color.
esty-armstrong.jpgArmstrong Industry(my shop)
esty-moxie.jpgMoxie and Oliver, traditional
techniques in leather accessories with a contemporary twist.
esty-dan-scrap2.jpgScrap DannyMansmith, reconstructed clothing and accessories ,
love the unrefined and randomness qualities.
esty-jen.jpgJen Claire,reconstructed garments,
modern with an artistic, romantic touch.
esty-srb.jpgSRB Designs, interesting pants, jumpers,
reconstructed and tailored.

Painting on the Street

Well Jeannine beat me to the post, but I will add my take.  The Round Robin Painting on Saturday went great ( one artist did not get it, and left early, but the was fine).  We all had a great time, and it was so good to work with other artist and talk with the public as the day went on.  I had worried about people not coming and forgetting things and what and how my painting style was going to work in this environment.  I had forgotten how much I like to actually paint on canvas in a free form way.  I am a silk painter and dyer, and most of my work lately has involved a lot of sewing, so this was a great change.  It really brought back my creative spirit.  It also bought new people to The Red Thread.






The Finished Work, Angelia Armstrong, Veronica Gray, Sandy Lupton, Jeannine Peregrine, Jill Tiderman
Thanks everyone so much.

Green Squares

I am finally getting to post my green inchies that I received last week.  (the ones I sent are here) They are from the green swap that Melissa hosted.   I love them all, so many great ideas from such tiny sewn pieces.




Brick and Mortar Shows Part III

Here are more photo from the Red Thread Studio.
Blanket Creek Pottery, I love their work.

An antique fireplace screen from a junk store. The original fabric was dry rotted and torn. I reworked it with a pieced, quilted fabric insert.  the two wall pieces are part of my quilted wall hanging collection.

Fireplace screen detail.