Brick and Mortar Shows Part II

We have a new show coming at Red Thread, “Elements” The Glass Show.  We have had some great shows this year.  Here are some photos of “Bikinis to Burqas”  Clothing in Culture.  We had some great student work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Personal Body Protector” and “Sea Anemone Suit”
Two pieces by Sarah Holden
These great costume are by Zach Monday


Brick and Mortar

There are many things coming up at the Red Thread Studio.  I have been so busy working on other things, house renovation, getting ready to move and showing our house for sale, getting ready for the boys home school ( I also teach art at our home school group).  Now I need to put some attention in at the gallery.  Here are some photos of the current gallery layout.


This is a room divider screen that SA and I designed and
built a couple of years ago. The pink circle silk scarf is a new piece.

We are having a glass show in September, so the look of the space will change.  It is going to be exciting, I really need to have a big fall, and I can hardly wait for all the great art work and activities we have coming up.

Furniture Vintage and Design

groupings-07001.jpgThis is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  I have just moved it to the studio out of my house.  We are moving to a much smaller space, so this will have to be used for display for now.  It reminds me of this piece that Bloesem talked about and this piece.  It may be an inspiration for the new production line.  I wish I knew more about this, it was given to me a long time ago.

Blog Favorites

I was recently tagged by Jeannine with the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award.  It is so nice that she has been supporting me in this new Blog world.  I now need to select 5 favorite bloggers to award.  I have only been blogging for a short time, and there are so many blogs to love, so here are my favorites at this time.

Tricia, she is an artist using shibori as well as digital, her work is great.

Martha, I love the structural design using fabric.

Gabreial, all things vintage.

Melina, green living and home schooling.

Mimie, the best bath and beauty products.

I have been working in a new area lately.  I have been feeling like I should paint.  I usually work with fabric, dyeing, printing, embroidery, etc.  But I have this need to paint on canvas, like when I was in school and mix it up.  I still have a thing for texture so some things other than paint will probably be emblishing the surface. I will be adding some of these new pieces to the shop.  I hope to finish some new large work for the Red Thread this fall.
Here is a sample


Green Ginkgo and Fabric

Finally back in town and a little caught up on “work.”  It has been very hot and the outdoors around here has all brown.  We finally had a few random thunderstorms and a little green has come back to the plant life.  My ginkgo tree has had some rough times this year, early warm up in the spring followed by a late hard frost left all the new growth, dead, then all this hot dry summer.  It is looking beautiful this week. I love all the variety of leaf shapes. I will miss it when we move.


It was also an inspiration for my green inches swap hosted by Melissa.  Dear SA thought I was a little crazy when I showed him the tiny little pieces.  I love all the texture and it was just what I needed to help jump start the creative juices to continue on with the fall collections.

Away for a Few Days

I will be out of town for a few days.  I am going to Philadelphia for the Buyers Market of American Craft Show.
I am looking for new work for the upcoming Holiday Season for the Red Thread. I hope we get some time for checking out some others places as well. See you next week.