Dining Rooms

We have been working on our house, and now it is for sale.  It is so funny to me, how different your home looks when it has been pared down and depersonalized for showing.  This is not way real people live.  It does make you look at your home in different ways, and you always finally finish those little projects that you have always needed to do, but just learn to live with. We always hope the next time will be different.
Our dining room was hardly ever used so it has been our office, we always ate around our kitchen/family room table, it just felt more normal, right there where the food is being made and all.  We do not have much family in this area, so not big formal Holiday dinners.  Now we have put some thrift-ed furniture together and made a dining room.  I like it. 
The next house is near the beach and much smaller so no separate dining room space, but a little bigger eat in kitchen space.
SA is working on a large rustic table from reclaimed wood. It will help combine a dining room feel within the new location.


We bought this table at a thrift store in NC, but the I do not exactly like the chairs and they are too big for this space.  The chairs here are from a funky warehouse/import store in Norfolk.  I love these chairs, they are metal with rattan and they can fold up!  The walls seem a little bare. What could work? Don’t want too much since this is staging for real estate showing.


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  1. ChildrenFurnitureFour
    Jan 26, 2008 @ 13:44:21


    Man this is a great post. Thank you for putting this out there for all of us. It has helped alot!


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