Dining Rooms

We have been working on our house, and now it is for sale.  It is so funny to me, how different your home looks when it has been pared down and depersonalized for showing.  This is not way real people live.  It does make you look at your home in different ways, and you always finally finish those little projects that you have always needed to do, but just learn to live with. We always hope the next time will be different.
Our dining room was hardly ever used so it has been our office, we always ate around our kitchen/family room table, it just felt more normal, right there where the food is being made and all.  We do not have much family in this area, so not big formal Holiday dinners.  Now we have put some thrift-ed furniture together and made a dining room.  I like it. 
The next house is near the beach and much smaller so no separate dining room space, but a little bigger eat in kitchen space.
SA is working on a large rustic table from reclaimed wood. It will help combine a dining room feel within the new location.


We bought this table at a thrift store in NC, but the I do not exactly like the chairs and they are too big for this space.  The chairs here are from a funky warehouse/import store in Norfolk.  I love these chairs, they are metal with rattan and they can fold up!  The walls seem a little bare. What could work? Don’t want too much since this is staging for real estate showing.


New Shop Launch

Colortote-070241.jpgscarves-x4.jpg We are now offically open on line.  It is different than a brick and mortar store, but also the same.  Part of our fashion line is available.  We will add home wares next month.  Please take a look,Armstrong Industry.tote-070221.jpg

Shibori Dyeing Details


Here are some details of recently dyed fabrics.  This is the direction
I am going with my design.  I also want to work with a variety of over printing techniques.  

New Items coming soon

Here are some hand dyed silks coming soon to the New Shop, Full shop opening Friday.


Tote Bags for the Armstrong Industrybags-galore.jpg

Shop Products Announcement

I am so busy getting ready for the new online shop. I have decided to open in stages-adding new products over the weeks. The totes, tool bags, neck wraps and scarves will be first, followed by limited production hand dyed and printed fabric, clothing and interior design items. The first month will be only fabric designs. The mixed wood/collage/fabric-art and small furniture will be coming in the near future. Here is a sample of silk neck wraps for the shop and a mixed media collage.  Watch for the opening next week.
Hand painted/Quilted Fabrics                   Mixed Media on Canvas

Shop Opening Anouncement

The Armstrong Industry Shop will open the week of July 23.
Here is a sneak peek.


Recycled T-shirt Neck Wrap

These will be available in the Shop Friday, July 27. 

It has always been important to me to reuse and recycle.  Since my main interest is textiles, quilting was the initial start for using old clothing, curtains and other materials for creating and using what you have.  I grew up in a rural part of Appalacian Kentucky, we were very poor, but I had a love for fashion and fabrics from early on. There was limited places to shop, and I hated the fact of wearing things that looked like everyone else, so I would just cut up the curtains or whatever I could find and make stuff. My grandmother did some quilting and sewing,  my mom had a few old coats and dresses that I would remake to wear.  
One of my signatures pieces for the business Armstrong Industry is the neck piece-scarf, wrap, shawl.  It is so easy for fall/winter with all the fabric options available.  I wanted to do something for the spring/summer that was a little lighter is fabric weight as well as style.  This is what I came up with.
Neck Wraps  Recycled T-Shirts and trims.


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