Fashion Designing again

I have been working in home decor and clothing accessories for some time now.  I have in the past created mostly fashion.  My current location is not that easy to market interesting clothing a a large scale so I have unconsciously limited my clothing design in the last few years.  Last month I had the opportunity to take part in a runway fashion show for a local Arts and Culture magazine “Portfolio Weekly.” 

I finally have some photos from the show.  The orange piece is a tunic of shibori dyed silk, with a silk tank, and wide leg linen pants.  The jewelry is from my friend and amazing jewelry designer Barbara Hart.


The next silhouette is a kimono type coat of hand painted silk, with crop blue pants and silk tank.  The coat came out so well.  It started from a large piece of silk that was painted with an Asian inspiration, for a wall hanging.  I decided to cut it up for this coat and am so pleased how the design placement worked on the kimono.  The whole look kind of reminds me of the 40s-50s Hollywood.


Coat Details

This the first time I was able to see my clothing on the runway, the models did a great job.


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