Armstrong Industry

I am in working like crazy to get things ready for the new online shop opening.  I will be starting out with mostly fabric work.  But the real focus will be a combination of mixed media items, using thrifted recycled items as well as more “green” products.  This is going to be a little different for me, I usually market my things in person.  I hope these journal pages help to communicate my love for the work in some of the same ways I do when people come into the Red Thread.  I see so many creative people from the web sites and blogs and that gives me great hope that there are people who love things handmade and want to be able to purchase things other than mass produced pieces.scarves-07.jpg Shibori silk scarves and small bags.

Since I am in a less than desirable are of the country for now, this is my next step in keeping the idea or dream alive.  I hope to meet many like souls in the wide world, please introduce yourself and your work  and I hope to have many opportunities to offer my brick and mortor gallery knowldge whenever I can.
purses-4.jpgMixed Fabric tote bags


Fabric Dying Studio Relocation

scarves-07c.jpgThis is the last week.  I have to break down my sewing studio this and move it to the Red Thread.   It is so hard to move, because it seems to take so long to get everything back together.  It is exciting, since I always like a new adventure.  It is also a good for finding favorites in the fabric stash.  I have such a collection of ideas, sketches, swatches, etc.  I have always wanted to put all these together in notebooks and/or mood boards at this time in my life I feel the need to do just that.  This on line journal is good for helping the mind sort as I write, but I still love to pour over old books, magazines, swatches and all the things I have been waiting to put together.

I did have some quick time last week to shibori dye some fabric with Nancy and Sandy.



Moving Interior Design

group-1.jpgAs I have been talking about for a while, we are going to be moving soon. It is a mixed feeling of excitement and change, but fustration and a stress for all the work and decisions. The beach house where we are moving is much smaller, but I have the upstairs studio space (at the red thread) where some of the furniture and extras will be stored (decisions). Most all my fabric and art supplies will now be in the shop as well. It is hard to see all the household interior being neutralized for showing and selling. I love some of the “corners” of our home. You can see a lot of our creative fixes everywhere.
I wanted to showcase/document some of my favorites before the are packed away.

I have a mix of many styles, a lot of antiques from my German monther-in-law, my own collection of mid century and restyled furniture and accessories.  As well as my textiles pieces.

(Photos coming soon-having editing problems)

wall-hanging-2.jpgWood columns and a wall panel hanging from our products (Armstrong Industry).

interior-014.jpgA old sewing machine/table found in the garage of our last house.

New Designs and Shop Opening

art-bag-07.jpgI have been working on new designs with the idea of  opening of a online shop. It will be interesting to see the difference from operating a bricks and mortor (red thread studio) shop along with the online venture. At the red thread I showcase my work along with about 12 other artisans. 

Here is a sneak look at some tote bags and tool pouches coming to the shop soon. I have some table runners and pillows in the works as well.   I love to mix fabrics, using my own shibori fabrics, recycled as well as some new fabrics.  I love adding details with applique, embroidery and quilting.

purses-1.jpgI would love any feedback or thoughts about working online.


Fashion Designing again

I have been working in home decor and clothing accessories for some time now.  I have in the past created mostly fashion.  My current location is not that easy to market interesting clothing a a large scale so I have unconsciously limited my clothing design in the last few years.  Last month I had the opportunity to take part in a runway fashion show for a local Arts and Culture magazine “Portfolio Weekly.” 

I finally have some photos from the show.  The orange piece is a tunic of shibori dyed silk, with a silk tank, and wide leg linen pants.  The jewelry is from my friend and amazing jewelry designer Barbara Hart.


The next silhouette is a kimono type coat of hand painted silk, with crop blue pants and silk tank.  The coat came out so well.  It started from a large piece of silk that was painted with an Asian inspiration, for a wall hanging.  I decided to cut it up for this coat and am so pleased how the design placement worked on the kimono.  The whole look kind of reminds me of the 40s-50s Hollywood.


Coat Details

This the first time I was able to see my clothing on the runway, the models did a great job.

Second Floor Studio and Thrifting

The second floor of the gallery is still a work in progress. It is being used for classes and meetings, but the plumbing still need to be finished, as soon as SA and the boys have a free moment from all our other ongoing projects. I have been able to do some work on the decor and that involves some thrifting for furniture and such.


I found this table and chairs set, china cabinet as well as serving chart at a little shop in North Carolina. I love the wood details, still not sure about the orange fabric on the chairs, I may have to change it later. Funny I have just finished the some fabric dyeing in oranges and am participating in a Orange and Blue swap by Jeannine.

Red Thread Windows


It is about time to change the windows in the studio.  This is usually a challange.  I actually have four similar windows, since the building used to be two seperate store fronts and has two door/window sets.  That is a lot of window space to work with and I do get sun, so limited things can go in there without fading.  I really like the current spring/summer display that makes it even harder to come up with something new.  But I really like it to look new and fresh.  I do have some white paper lanterns, which should work well with no fading and we have plenty of bamboo in the yard at the beach house, always a good source of disign/display items.  New photos coming soon.  In the mean time here are the currents windows.  The dress is paper with a silk scarf at the the neck.  The lavender dress is shibori dyed rayon/cotton.

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