Working Style

I seem to be in a constant state of doing, but never seeming to see any progress.  I want to make an effort to gain some control over my many hours of either working or worrying about what I should be working on.  I am in the middle of many changes in my life right now.  Moving, selling a house, renovating another house, running a gallery in a small redeveloping town, trying to keep my art and design business on track.  Oh and I home school my two sons.

My working style involves having several things going on at once, and I seem to get more ideas the closer I get to a deadline, I feel the need to make more and more.   I need to fine a way to separate things a little, so I am going to force myself take the time to get a little more organized and see the big picture.  I have to stop this running from one thing to the next.crw_0067.jpg


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