Project Planning

Some fabric for future project, pillows and table runners, maybe some bags.  I did buy some prints, but still need to over print some of the hand dyed fabrics. 

I am off, now to look for tiles for the beach house bath.  We are moving there for a two year stint, to update the house and get it ready for selling. 

Happy Holiday weekend.


Working Style

I seem to be in a constant state of doing, but never seeming to see any progress.  I want to make an effort to gain some control over my many hours of either working or worrying about what I should be working on.  I am in the middle of many changes in my life right now.  Moving, selling a house, renovating another house, running a gallery in a small redeveloping town, trying to keep my art and design business on track.  Oh and I home school my two sons.

My working style involves having several things going on at once, and I seem to get more ideas the closer I get to a deadline, I feel the need to make more and more.   I need to fine a way to separate things a little, so I am going to force myself take the time to get a little more organized and see the big picture.  I have to stop this running from one thing to the next.crw_0067.jpg

Artistic Future

I have been thinking a lot about the direction of my work.  A lot of changes happening for me right now and that always seem to bring about evaluations in our lives.  I love to do many things, but I know my productions line need to be narrowed a bit.  I would like to grow the business in a different way and that is going to take a lot of planning and come changes in the way I approach my work.  I know my true love will always be creating, and fiber, fabric, textiles will always be the main mediun.  I am going to get back to the fabric itself, surface design, embellishment, stitching.   Back to producing my own fabric again, using natural materials, and letting go of trying to do things that people (myself included) think I should do or just to try and “sell” something.


Studio Renewal

My art work was presented at the Art and Soul Retreat last week in Hampton, VA.  It was great to see all the wonderful artisans and their work, I am sorry that I was so involved with the business part of being and artist, that I was unable to take a class/workshop.  The experience was inspiring anyway.  

I am in the process of sorting, purging, updating my studio work space.  This always provides great inspiration for future projects, as well as finding all those unfinished pieces of work.  Then comes to thinking and rethinking-what to do with thes lost little things. Were they really good ideas to start with?  Was I doing the wrong thing at the wrong time?  Should I try to finish?  Sometimes the original concept doesn’t even feel like my work at all.  I am really trying to let things go, so the art evolves more naturally to my life at this time.


A new Blog.  This journal is for me to document some of my creative process.  I have been a working artist for several years.  It is getting harder to keep everything in a somewhat organized chaos mode with the business as well as creative part of being an artisan.  I love design and creating and hope writing here will only inhance me efforts.  I will try to post often about all the things in this creative (and too busy) life.